It was one of those days i was certain i knew how my day was going to end that the call came in. He introduced himself as Andre and said he was a model and wished to have a shoot with me. Anybody that know me well know that shooting models is not really my thing. I had shot a few models in the past and they all almost seem to want the same thing; portfolio pictures. Boring. And they hardly pay. Those that managed to pay usually pay little. Suffice to say i don’t look forward to shooting models. Not because of the pay but because they don’t come pitching interesting concepts we can work on.

Andre was male, sounded very young and respectful but trust me, that didn’t even bother me. After all anybody that wants something from you will more likely sound very respectful when they talk to you. I decided to test him, to know how serious he was. I asked him his budget and he mentioned an amount two times what any model will be willing to pay. I was like ok, this is different. I asked for a meet and greet so we get to know ourselves and also talk about the shoot.

We met at Cubana wuse 2. Let me summarize by saying Shamzudeen turned out to be a very impressive young man. We did his shoot and afterwards became friends. We’re still friends till date. Shamz a Muslim later gifted me the sweetest ram meat I ever ate during 2014 Sallah. Two years after our first meeting i had another shoot with Mr Garuba at my home and this time, he didn’t have to pay. I even styled him.

Morale of the story is we all need to earn peoples’ respect by our actions. Andre Shamsudeen Garuba is currently signed to Few Models Management after participating in Elite Model Look 2015.

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By Ejike Manny

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