Linda Ikeji and Ruggedman both had their birthdays this week and as a matter of fact, there’s only a day separating both birthdays. Linda’s was on the 19th of September while Rugged’s was on the 20th of September. By the way Ruggedman named his clothing line 20th September Wear after his birthday. But that’s not why we’re here.

When I saw some of the images from Linda Ikeji’s surprise birthday party and noticed how prominently Ruggedman featured in most of the pictures, I started wondering; why can’t these two just decide to marry themselves? I mean they both have every ingredients and similarities that makes them so made for each other. Aside the fact they both dated celebrities in the past and got burnt (Rugged dated Isio De La vega while Linda Ikeji dated Dan Foster), there are many other things they both have in common. Here is why I believe Linda Ikeji and Ruggedman should quickly marry each other.

Compatibility :
Linda and Ruggedman are both virgo guys and this makes them very very compatible. Virgos are known to be very intelligent and independent minded. Just the perfect ingredient these two need for a successful marriage.

Aside the fact that they are both of marriage age, Linda has always maintained she can’t marry any guy younger than herself. Linda is 36 and there are very few eligible 37 and above unmarried young men out there. Ruggedman is older than Linda Ikeji so that automatically qualifies him.

Old Friends
What’s that saying again? It’s best to marry your friend. Linda and the rugged one have been friends like forever. Their friendship dates back to when Linda was still a struggling blogger. I started following Ruggedman’s music since 2006 and Linda’s blog since 2007 so I kinda feel like I know them well. Ruggedman was one of the very first people to visit her Banana Island home and recently her Linda Ikeji Media studio. Over the years these guys have had each other’s back. Trust me, they will both make perfect couple.

Celebrity and not
After Ruggedman ended his relationship with Isio De La vega, he promised never to settle down with a celebrity. Linda Ikeji has always maintained that she is not a celebrity but a regular your girl next door. She’s qualified.

Ibo people like to marry themselves. Linda is from Imo state while Ruggedman is from Abia state. Linda is a very strong catholic and maybe will like to settle with a fellow catholic guy. Am not sure Rugged is catholic but that notwithstanding, tribe has taken care of that.

Linda Ikeji and Ruggedan are both very controversial people but that notwithstanding, they both remain very true to themselves. Despite the controversies surrounding these two people, they remain very generous when it comes to helping people and giving to a good cause. They both share the same values. I guess you already know what am thinking.

Best Times of their lives
Ruggedman and Linda are both having the best times of their lives right now. Linda’s media empire is growing very fast while Rugged’s TSW clothing line is doing so well right now. They both currently enjoy the same happy state of mind. What more proof and evidence do these two need to know they’re both made for each other?

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