Today we bring you the beautiful funny love story between Angel as she’s fondly called and Sven Bullaert. Angel is a Nigerian ex-model and creative writer while Sven is a fashion designer from Belgium. Their engagement first took place in Nigeria on 21st April 2015 before finally tying the knot on July 2016 in a very simple ceremony in Europe. The ceremony was witnessed by a few close friends and family. They chose to share their story with us. Enjoy.

Our story by Angela

I’ll spare you the theatrics about how we met, all I’ll say is it was a long journey from home. Well now we have a home together. Sven isn’t the conventional man that knows to follow procedures about dating but he’s a more than a perfect gentleman. Am deeply drawn to his humour, intelligence and simplicity. And of course he’s a crazy ” creative” He actually gave me a commitment ring barely six months after we started dating. We got married traditionally a year after and I moved to Belgium from France where I was studying. He then proposed on my birthday last year(in a bathtub). Yes I didn’t get the dramatic proposal I dreamed of but it was even much lovelier. But hey, here we are living a beautiful life.

Our story by Sven
My story is completely different, of course also for me it was a long journey from home and the steps we took we took them together, but the final result is that now I am stuck with a crazy Nigerian woman.
… A woman who gets nervous when we are out of plantain chips, who dreams about jelofrice and who loves to shake her bumbum any time of the day. Luckily I am such a nice guy that I forgive her this strange behavior and it even makes my love grow day by day.

Oh yes, just for your information; why I fell in love with Angel? First it was her eyes, then her smile and let’s be honest the rest of her body is also amazing. But the real ‘this is my woman’ click came when I noticed her sensibility, humour and creative writing talent, these are values on which time has no impact and that we can develop together as a couple.


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