We recently made a stop at Banana Republic, no 37, Julius Nyerere, maitama Abuja. Well, firstly the yellow banana on the top of the signpost at the venue… quite a cheeky one, welcomed us. There were a few comfy looking furniture for sit outs and the restaurant seemed well adorned with beautiful furniture too. We however were more interested in settling for our dinner at the hookah lounge upstairs because it came with the option of sitting on the floor with hausa leather pouf ottomans (not sure what they’re called in hausa). The lounge had a very rich middle eastern ambience to it with beautiful Arabian curtains and fancy lanterns.

The food items were fairly priced, mostly between N1000 and N4,000 with a few exceptions. I opted for medium special fried rice and fried chicken in spicy sauce. I also had a mixed fruit drink.

The meals arrived earlier than expected and we got straight down to digging in. The special fried rice was a lot in terms of quantity but failed to meet the mark in terms of quality. It felt a bit on the bland side and didn’t hold my interest for long. To help me further in the course I decided to add the fried chicken in spicy sauce and that helped a bit. The quality of food didn’t score as high as I expected. I would say overall on a scale of 1-5 it was a 3 for me with 5 being the best score.

This restaurant may not make the best special fried rice in Abuja but the ambience, environment and customer service are however a good motivation for me to be interested in coming back some other time.

By the way, we’er not a food critique. We definitely don’t have that qualification. We’er just a bunch of guys out to explore the beautiful Abuja lifestyle. Some of the images we got from their instagram page.

Words by Victor Odiba


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