Nkoyo Again. Nkoyo has had a remarkable review on blueink.ng but not the one at ceddi plaza. You all know the kind of restaurant Nkoyo is, going by the previous write up on it. So let’s begin.

My friend and I decided to go have dinner at Nkoyo ceddi plaza. We got there and sat down….. You all know the routine so I don’t have to spell it all out but hold on, there was music playing and it felt like the movies, with candles on very well dressed table and suitable lighting. Now the music wasn’t coming from a box. It was live instrumental by a pianist. So cool right?

Back to the gist. Gazing at the menu I saw something in Hausa language that said giwanruwa (fish). With no hesitation I chose that with fried rice and a glass of blue lemonade on the rocks (ice). While we sat chatting a basket of sweet potato chips was brought (kpekere). Nothing different from the regular ones you get when stuck in traffic.

While nibbling on it I took time to look around and guess what???? All the decorations, light fittings and paintings were very Nigerian. From the light to the table cloth, candle stand were all local things we don’t take note off. Very smart and detailed I would say ……

Food arrives and it was like looking at a food page from a magazine. Beautiful fish fillet with lettuce and tomato on the side. There was also a bowl of fried rice and plantain. Goodness! I was in awe. The taste was absolutely out of this world. In French I will say Tres Bien.

Lemonade was on point. Not too sweet. It was just right. While eating with all joy and enjoying the soft keys playing from the piano a lady walks over and says “good evening sir, are you enjoying your meal? ” the answer was yes with a big smile . ……….

Minutes later I was done and satisfied. Nkoyo Restaurant is very clean, polite staff, remarkable services and delicious meals. I will definitely go back there again and again. Pocket wise well…. hmmm…. it’s OK, depending on what one wants to eat. Like the saying goes, “cut your coat according to your cloth”.

This is the last food place we’er crashing for the year 2016 . I heartily wish you a memorable Merry Christmas and a fruitful new year to come. See you all with more exciting articles in the he new year………

Words by Aliyu Gidado

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