“I made my seasoning out of love. You’re not just buying any seasoning out there, you’re buying a piece of me”

That was Matse’s response to a question we asked her during the interview.

I met Matse for the first time sometime in late December 2012. I had gone to Lagos to cover the maiden edition of a beauty pageant and she was a co-host. Fast-forward to 5 years later in 2017 we ran into each other at a gadget shop here in Abuja and there was an instant connection.

Matse who is now a top food blogger and a major lifestyle influencer got married and relocated to Abuja. A natural cheer leader and a huge supporter of laudable initiatives; Matse has the broadest and the most affectionate smile.

In this new episode of the blueink.ng interview series, Matse talked about getting fired at her place of work while pregnant, her food blogging journey, Matse seasoning, training and so much more. It is a must watch.

By @mr.manny

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