Today we conclude our piece on Eddie and all those little personal details you’ve been itching to know about Eddie, today you’ll find out. Things like his relationships, his barber, the five places he likes hanging out in Abuja, his favorite Abuja people and more.

Pressure to settle down and love life

“One thing with us creative people is that we are dreamers and am sure you can relate to this. You see opportunity where there is none and you see the best in people. Growing up I used to read all the M and B and other love novels so I believed the first girl I’ll fall in love with will be the girl I will marry”.

“I’ve had relationships with amazing people in the past but like you know, all good thing come to an end. I’ve had two key relationships in my life and I always go into them with that big picture that yes, this is the person. When it happens (ends), I bury myself in work and count all as a learning experience. Maybe the timing wasn’t right”.

“In the grand scheme of things maybe its God that orchestrate everything so I always take the positives and move on”.

“Pressure to marry from friends? I do not care because you can’t give what you don’t have. Our generation is very fickle and that’s why adverts are shorter today unlike in those of our fathers when adverts run for minutes telling you the whole story. Now nobody has that time and that also reflects in our personal relationships. There are just so many things but I wanna get it right”.

” I always thought I was gonna get married earlier but that didn’t happen so am just taking it every day as it goes till it gets to that place where am mentally and spiritually set. I’ve always been the lover boy so people like Katung thought i’ll get married before them but that’s not the case today”.

How has Eddie managed to stay scandal free ?

(Laughs) over familiarity breeds contempt. Sometimes I do get carried away but being a publicist and a perception manager, I know it’s important to know how to manage your reputation. The world is constantly watching. People don’t like you when you’re at the top and they also don’t like you when you’re at the bottom. Not like I play safe, I just keep my private life private. What I need to be public is my business and that’s the only thing that concerns anybody. My personal life is not for public consumption. The only you can say about Eddie is if you go to Bodyline you go catch am.

Eddie’s style and fashion

“Am not particular about fashion. I just wear what’s comfortable and am very comfortable in suits. I love suits and that is my armor for work. Am also a tee shirt and jean person, comfortable shoes, sweat pants. Am not obsessed about brands but I’ll rather wear a Mr Sidi that is Nigerian than worry about brands and names to wear like Versace and Gucci. The way you carry yourself in what you wear is what really matters. I don’t need the rubber stamp of a name of public fads to be accepted. The key word for me is comfort”.

Tee Billz’s barber has nothing on Eddie’s barber

“Oh Chris Black my barber. I think that’s my only vanity. I barb once a week but shave more often. I have full hair and if not well groomed will begin to look rough. Chris Black was my friend on Facebook for a long time and I never met him. I didn’t even know he was in Abuja. He over time consistently targeted me asking me to give him a try and I was with another barber shop at the time and they were actually friends”.

“People think me and Chris are currently in partnership but I was just excited about his passion and the way he pursued me aggressively. I just went there and at once he got it so I decided to promote him. He even cut my dad once and my dad fell in love”.

The legend of Eddie Madaki and peoples’ wrong perception of him

I think many people tend to think that I am not accessible. Someone once walked up to at an event I was hosting and was like wow! ever since I walked in here all I’ve done is hug and shake people. She said she originally thought I was a snub. People also think I only handle a particular class of clients. Those are all wrong.


“I try to travel on vacation once a year. I like tropical areas with white beaches. Andy, Oche and I, we usually take our vacation together”.

Eddis’s 5 Favorite Hangout Spots In Abuja

Grills in and out
Genesis Cinemas
Sheraton pool bar
Laguru GYM
My house

Eddie’s Favorite People In Abuja

My favorite people are the individuals that motivate me to be better and productive every day. The great team at iBlend services.

Eddie’s parting words

On a parting note, I’ll like every young person or entrepreneur to have a solution driven mindset.

Photo Credit : Ejike Manny
Location : Laguru GYM

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