This time around I wasn’t particularly hungry. I was just craving salad so I drove to Atakpame Street, Off Adetokunbo ademola crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja and found Tulip Bistro. I walked in and sat down. With the beautiful ambience and relaxing environment it sure looked like the place to be . The usual someone walked over with salutation and handed over the menu. Without hesitation I chose Ceaser salad and the purest of all Water while my friend settled for paster with fresh ginger and orange juice (yea I wasn’t alone, eating alone is boring). Anyways, I asked for the tea menu and another lady with similar facial expression came over with the menu and we settled for pomegranate tea. Sounds like a good choice right?

There was no complementary chips or sweets while we waited for our meals instead the wrong genre of music playing. It was as though one of the staffs had plugged his/her phone to the player for their own listening pleasure without caring about those dinning there. I appreciate and enjoy Nigerian music but not the wrong type, especially for a restaurant at that hour of the day. Besides we aren’t in a dance hall.

Tulip Bistro has a beautiful interior and clean tables, clean floor with soft scent in the air and different newspapers to keep one busy while the wait for food lasted. Food and salad finally came and as I was about to dig in ….. wait where is my cutlery??? There was none. I had to pick that from another table and also made an excuse for them in my mind. Maybe someone had sat on that same seat and left but the staff forgot to replace the cutlery. Maybe; who knows? But clearly they aren’t paying attention and next thing was blackout. AEDC had done the usual rude interruption of power supply and that was how we sat there for about three minutes for the backup power came back.

Salad was delish. Vegetable was crunchy and fresh. Chicken tasted good as well. Dressing was just good and that made me eat all my salad. (if my mum was there she would have said good boy!). My friend who had the pasta enjoyed every bite of his dinner and juice as well.

Tea arrives in an Arabian glass tea pot with a burning candle underneath to keep the tea warm. It was accompanied by slices of lemon and honey instead of sugar. The tea was just there because it didn’t give that pomegranate taste. Probably because it wasn’t brewed well before serving and despite the tea pot having a plunger, I still didn’t get what I wanted.

I also noticed some customers had their food parked for them as take away but then, the take away package wasn’t impressive. It was just plain and ordinary. In my opinion, Tulip Bistro should have their staff pay more attention to every small detail and also create a good playlist for the listening pleasure of its customers.

The food is really good and the place has sections. They have the tea room with a beautiful ambience. Tulip bistro offers bakery, desert, tea and coffee with delightful intercontinental dishes. Bravo Tulip bistro. Despite the little things I don’t approve of, I intend coming back again.

Words by Aliyu Gidada

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