So, you know I just had to write about Donald Trump right? I mean, wouldn’t it be a disservice if I didn’t? And like the Nigerian that I am, I need to use his story to teach a lesson!

Like a lot of young people, I got a large portion of my news about the 2016 American election from the media, specifically social media. I mean, Facebook, twitter and snapchat were the ways i knew who did what and who said what and believe me, from all I saw, I pretty much expected Hillary Clinton to win the elections.

I mean, who wouldn’t?

Imagine my surprise when I woke up at 3am on the 9th of November to find out that Donald Trump had won! I mean, the media said everyone hated him, they also said made it seem like no sane person would vote for him, so what happened?

Well, I thought about it, and thought about it, and I came to an understanding, which I’d always known, but it really hit home this time. The media told us what we wanted to hear. Now, I am aware that the way the American Electoral system runs is a bit different, but even considering all that, it still boils down to the simple fact that they painted a picture that we wanted to see.The popular picture, the picture that would make the people that we think count, happy.

And that, brings me to my topic today.

Most people in this era live on social media. They meet their friends there, they “chill” there, they do everything they can possibly do there, and there is nothing wrong with that when there is a balance. The thing most people fail to remember is that the media as a whole isn’t the most honest or trustworthy place

The fact is, just like most things, the media is a means to an end. This means that in as much as you think it’s all for your benefit, it actually isn’t. For one thing, the media doesn’t share views that aren’t unpopular, why? Because if they can’t gain from it, then really at the end of the day there isn’t a point in it.

In addition to that, Have you ever noticed how selective the media is? Social media especially. They tell us what we want to hear and everything else is pushed under the carpet. They tend to give us half the story, get opinions from people who think a certain way, and project things from an angel that only shows half the picture.

The thing is, media caters for only a select group of people, however, they package their thoughts and ideas in such a way, that the rest of the world buys into the ideas of said people without even realizing it, because since we live on social media these days, we get brain washed into thinking that what we see is the reality. But that isn’t always the case, and it’s high time we not only see that, but we accept it and act on it.

Because the truth is, half of the things we see on social media and media in general aren’t even true. Or they are half-truths which in turn makes them lies. So before you make a decision, based on what the media has told you, why not take a second and get your facts right? Why not take a second and search inside yourself for the real motive behind why you’re doing it. Why they did it.

Most times, you’ll find that you don’t really want to be associated with the things you thought you wanted to be associated with, if you take the time to simply get your facts right and search yourself.

Simply because some famous person has endorsed it doesn’t mean it’s true, right or even real. We can’t keep making uneducated decisions and forming opinions solely based on what the media tells us, because like I said earlier, the media isn’t the most trustworthy place to get your info.

To be honest, I take everything I find on social media with a pinch of salt. When I see a post about something, I don’t make any comments or form any definite opinions on that issue until I have some confirmation from a reliable source that said thing is true. Because, the fact is, again the media most times only says so much and I don’t want to find myself advocating for a cause I don’t believe in, simply because the media told me so.

So the next time something big is happening, and you feel like you need to have an opinion on that thing, don’t let social media and media in general be the thing that carries the most weight in your mind. Get your facts right and know your principles. It’ll save us all a lot of hassle, surprise, astonishment and disappointment in the long run!

Written by Sammie


Old piece we had to re-publish

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