The Nothing to Do in Abuja Series : Hareem Dream


Dinner to me is the best meal of the day! forget what scientists think

It is my favourite meal of the day because as a member of the 9-5 clan I dash out pretty early and dinner is the only meal of the day that I get to choose where, when and set the pace of my meal. I pretty much have countless choices as well.

I was wandering through the streets of Instagram when I first stumbled on Hareem Dream. I immediately told myself that was my dinner destination!

I have been to Hareem Dream twice after then so I guess that tells you I am very satisfied with the place. My third visit was interesting and I wasn’t alone, I went there in company of a friend. We arrived Hareem Dream at about 8:05pm. The feel when you walk into Hareem Dream especially in the evening is heavenly. It Is cosy, calm and beautiful.

I already have a favourite spot so I quickly suggested the spot to my friend and we went over to sit. In their usual tradition, a beautiful waitress walked up to us with the menu. I chose a light meal as it was already late. I opted for BBQ chicken with potato chips and chapman, my friend had the same.

The meal took about 45 minutes which was quite unusual and I could see the displeasure in my friend’s eyes. The meal was definitely a huge compensation for the time wasted. The chicken was a splendid delight with a sweet, sour and peppery taste that just made my taste buds leap for joy. I particularly loved the presentation style. They serve meals on a wooden tray-like plate and it gives it a classy and vintage touch.

The Chef decided to serve guests a complimentary dish for an honest review. It was a new addition to their menu, a Turkish dish named Kofta.In my opinion, they should remove it from the menu and from the world at large. I loved the smile on his face when he served me so I just decided to keep my opinion to myself.

I must say my evening went well, there was a funny twist when it rained and there was little or no shelter for guests but the staff members were really helpful in the situation. The manager also apologized and assured us that it will be looked into so we do not have to suffer it a next time.

I will rate Hareem Dream, an 8/10, its ambience, polite and ever smiling staff, food and music put together is an amazing experience that will definitely make you return there.


Words by travel and lifestyle blogger Remi Osifo

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