Hi Guys!! So recently the EAT DRINK CONNECT (EDC) team was at the Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School to check out some of Chef Stones amazing dishes and raise awareness for their up coming hangout on 9th Oct 2016!…. Guess who crashed the food tasting party? Who else if not us!!! (evil grin).

Among the many meals that were prepared, I remember tasting exquisitely grilled lamb chops, prawns, special Chinese fried rice, and some cream and cheese infused pasta… anyway before I leave you all feeling so hungry I just have to let you all know that EAT DRINK CONNECT is happening LIVE at the HANGOUT, Riverplate garden Wuse II abuja by !pm tomorrow sunday 9th Octobober 2016. Come and meet chef stone and a lot more Exhibitors.

Crashing it was a good thing because we ended up as their media partner. Lets all EAT, DRINK and Connect! See u there!!

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