Our beautiful Aunty Toke was not happy about her absence at OAP Toolz and captain Demuren’s Dubai wedding, she expressed her sadness via her Instagram page as she explained she was attending another wedding in Nigeria. She seems to have discomfort about the type of guys that approach her recently probably for relationships as she has always explained in her Vlogs about the best kinds of relationships which doesn’t include dating a man with a wife or a girlfriend as she considers this time wasting.

While at her best friend’s wedding one Saturday looking all glam and ready to be in formation and consequently Slay, she explained in one of her post that she seems to be attracting the wrong men and we applaud her for being conscious and cautious. In as much as she’s separated and has joined the singles market, single guys should be bold enough to walk up to her and express their love and affections and not those only willing to cheat instead of becoming good companions. Yes you can talk to a married man but don’t accommodate his flirtations.

While engaging in a conversation with one of the guys at the wedding she discovered he was married. A clearly disappointed Toke said ” why would I waste my time chatting with a married man? Why would I waste my cute outfit, sitting here with a married man? Why are you (obviously single guys) guys not bold enough to dominate? She expected that at the end of the day she would have exchanged numbers with a few and hopefully meet them during the week, but “nothing she said” even expressing more disappointment.

You guys do remember that, her ex gym instructor husband cheated on her with his ex girlfriend, impregnating her 8 months after their marriage thus causing their split and leaving The OAP single and ready to mingle. Cheating is in Men’s DNA some will say and others Will argue that it’s an individual thing, a curse or the work of the devil . People don’t fear God anymore. You’ll see people you know especially guys that You know their girlfriends. In fact there are some that are either engaged or married with kids in some questionable places. Why would you promise somebody one thing and do the opposite? Why promise forever when you are not sure of the next 30 days?!

I use to think it’s because girls are gullible but truth is everybody wants to prove how good they are at being greedy. Kai!! Diariz God ooo! The most disheartening is when one guy or girl has more than 4 partners for different purposes Eg; Recharge cards, school fees, house rent, chauffeur, bed mates, extra ears and for emergency sex which leads to spreading STDs and unplanned babies.

I think some guys lie because they really want you and can’t fit into what you desire or into that Disney Prince Charming you’ve conjured in your mind, who’ll come and kiss away your sorrows and you’ll live happy ever after!! My sister wake up. This is reality and that’s why guys tell you sugar coated stories about themselves and you end up believing and in a short while when they are done pretending, they show their real selves and you end up broken hearted. Learn to cut your coat according to your cloth and always be open but this doesn’t mean wasting your time with the wrong people. Put your minds to work. Whatever your spirit doesn’t agree with don’t do. Don’t say he doesn’t look like his married when he has a ring or only takes you to hotels, calls you at suspicious hours with suspicious tones. Put your FBI senses into work and decipher the sheeps and goats in your life today.


By Jennifer


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