I’ve known Samantha for a few years now, maybe four years now and I first saw her son Aviel when he was barely 2 years old. I’ve been taking pictures of Aviel for years now most especially during his birthdays and family shoots and i’ve watched the little cutie evolve over time. From when as a toddler he wouldn’t let anybody that’s not immediate family come near him to now that he can let familiar faces play with him.

Aviel has turned out to be a very stylish kid, all thanks to his fashion designer mum. His mum has single handedly taught him to pose for pictures as she daily takes pictures of him. As his birthday drew nearer his mum contacted me to come to the house and do his pre-birthday shoot. Aviel was his classic self during the shoot, effortlessly switching from smile to frown then back to laughter while striking his poses. The best smile and laughter gotten from him was when asked to smile or laugh for mummy. For a kid of his age i must say his shoot was very fast. I think it’s safe to say Aviel is now a professional.

Aviel is definitely destined for greatness and on this his 5th birthday I say a very big happy birthday to him. I can’t pray for him more than his own mum so I’ll just kukuma say it in her own words.

“Even when he’s screaming the house down and i feel like I can’t cope anymore,I look at his sweet innocent smiley face and I just want to love him forever. And that’s what I’ll always do.
I remember 5 years ago on this joyous day 26/8/11 the tears of joy I shed for happiness said more than my words. You’ve brought us so much joy. You are part of me and am so proud of you. Continue to enjoy the aboundace of God’s blessings. And be the Star you are. Happy Birthday to my first love,my sweet baby boy Aviel, I love you forever LOVE”
……. Samantha . H

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