Quarter café is the place to have breakfast at any time of the day. This was our conclusion as we found our selves at this unnoticeable hidden place right in the heart of Abuja, 6 Tapeta street wuse 2, with British village serving as its landmark.

We walked straight to the lady behind the counter as she stood up with a welcoming smile and without wasting time I asked for the menu and took a seat. The menu was rough and unattractive. It was just a normal three sheet of A4 paper stapled with a list of things.

I was having one those hungry and tiring evenings hence the reason I settled for waffles with fresh strawberries topping and latte while my friend perpetuated his usual healthy appetite and Settled for Oreo pancakes with cream and hot chocolate. I asked how long it would take and the usual 15minutes was the response.

My friend and I took out time to admire the serenity and pulchritude of the ambience which had a purely British setting, engulfing us with the illusion of Buckingham Palace but wait, where is the queen? “lol”

That was how we regained consciousness. Our orders were executed in time as sight of it made us salivate. We began to dig into this appealing delectable beauties. The combination of the Waffle and fresh strawberries was amazingly good as every bite was a sweet sensation from the tongue to the stomach with a gradual sip of latte.

Less I forget, I have had strawberries countless times in the city but none of them had tested good and sweet devoid of the usual sour taste . I took a piece of my friends Oreo pancake and it was divine and fluffy with less sugar, just the way it should be.

I recommend this place to those who enjoy having a quiet time to either work or read a book and it’s a good venue to have a book club meetings and poetic gathering. However I notice the sugar bowl cover was dusty.

The canvas painting , picture frames and mirror design which could pass for an art exhibition was a bit too much. The windows were quite austere, devoid of blinds and the aircondioner offered little or no respite from the scourging heat of the season. There is no Signage indicating that Quarter café is on Tapeta street, making her completely avoidable.

On a scale of 0 to 10, The Quarter café is fanning it self at 7 . I’m glad we were treated to her good services and I intend going often as the menu has a lot of mouth watering delicacies.

Words by Aliyu Gidado

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