#NothingToDoInAbuja : Le Meridien Hotel and Golf Resort Uyo was a major treat

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I heard my phone message tone go off and I said a silent prayer to God for it to be an alert, well it was an alert quite alright just not about money. My 2:30pm flight to Uyo had just been moved to 3pm. Sigh! Delayed flights are probably the “in thing” in Nigeria at the moment as you can almost tell that your flight will leave later than the originally scheduled time.

I hurriedly wrapped up my packing, called my airport taxi and set out to the airport. If I had known I was going to wait another one hour thirty minutes at the airport, I probably would have made myself a sumptuous meal at home before leaving.* Shaking my head*

Finally I arrived Uyo an hour later and my pleasant Chauffeur was on hand to pick me up. He welcomed me with beautiful stories of Uyo as we made our way to the Prestigious Le Meridien Hotel and Golf Resort Ibom. It was an exciting 45 minutes drive.

The hotel ambience was everything and more. Well lit with subtle classical music playing in the background. I made my way to the reception to get my key as I already booked ahead of time. Mind you it was a business trip so I had a personalized contact person who eventually became my tour guide and personal photographer. Typical woman right? Oh well.

I made my way to my room. You need to see the view from my room. . . so beautiful! It even had double beds. I was in awe. I stepped out to have dinner and stumbled on the Karaoke going on at the bar area, I wanted to laugh at crooked voices but I quickly realized I was in a no man’s land.

I woke up to a lush complimentary breakfast at the Rising Sun Restaurant, amazing ambience I must say. The food was a mix of continental and local dishes. Simply delicious! The best part of my morning was a rush of several meetings but I knew I’d have time to explore once I was done and I definitely did.

At about 7pm, my “tour guide” and I set out to Marina, a jetty arena also in the Hotel. Boat rides are available at Marina but it was too late for that sadly. You can also arrive on water to the hotel via the Marina. I mean how cool is that? We made our way to the Le Meridien Club house which is also in the same location and headed straight to game room. I am just here to tell you I totally won my opponent at foosball (Table Football). The Gym instructor challenged me to a table tennis match but I quietly disappeared before she makes my win completely forgettable. I then visited the art gallery which is totally breathtaking by the way.

Oh did I mention the view of Le Meridien at night is simply breathtaking? You need to see it for yourself.  We eventually returned to the hotel just in time for dinner. The dinner which was equally buffet, was such a delight though pricey but totally worth it. I helped myself with beetroot salad for starters and then ate Pounded yam and Afang. I mean “money cannot waste”. I could barely move by the way so I dragged my overfed self to my room with so much fun memories I almost concluded in my heart that I was home.

The pleasant sound of nature, fountains and cool breeze hitting against palm trees woke me up the following morning. Guess what? It was time to leave my temporary home to reality. I called to book my appointment with my airport taxi amongst other things and quickly proceeded to have breakfast. Finally it was time to leave; my tour guide showed me the golf course and promised to teach me how to play when next I’m there. Final goodbyes and selfies as we drove out of the hotel and proceeded to the airport. My Chauffeur and I had yet another journey filled with beautiful tales of Uyo. I got to the airport in due time and luckily for me my flight was right on time!

I had only been in Le Meridien for less than 48 hours yet I already had an attachment and for this reason I am definitely going back!!!!

Written By: Remi Osifo

Travel and Food Blogger


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