IT was friday night craving for something different in terms of food and settings. While cracking my small head on where and what to eat, I remembered I had seen an advert on instagram about a mobile food truck so I quickly checked for its location because the advert was unique as the play of words were smartly put together. It was captivating that one cannot forget in a hurry. There it was on the ever busy street of Aminu kano wuse 2. Seated at a strategic place with Beer Barn to its right and Mr Biggs to its left. Wise choice of location and noticeable spot I thought to myself .

As i walked to the front and spoke to the attendant there was no need asking for the menu as the menu was boldly displayed so I ordered for classic hot dog, chicken wings and a cup of Sorrel/Roselle drink (zobo). After making payment for my desired order the usual question followed; how long would it take? This time around I was told 10minutes . ” 10minutes as in 20minutes right? ” we both laughed as she handed me my receipts.
It was an open place which didn’t leave much to be admired; aside from the surrounding buildings , breezy air and tall trees. I observed there was just a table and a few chairs which was occupied and other customers had to stand to eat their food and gist as if it was a cocktail party. 22minutes into the time my order was ready and the table was still occupied so I sat on the boot of the car to eat. To my surprise the chicken wings weren’t included. Where did they fly to? (lols) so I walked there and asked, got the Clichéd ‘sorry sir I didn’t hear well blah blah blah’ and the wings landed in my hands.

Hmmm the chicken wings were orgasmic to the extent I chewed every bone. As for the hot dogs, oh my goodness it was really good. I mean for a mobile truck, one would expect less but it was an entirely different experience here. The zobo wasn’t impressive for someone who comes from the north and knows how zobo should taste. I would say this guys didn’t nail it. What makes a good zobo is using natural flavours like fresh pineapple or pineapple peel, cloves and ginger (in my opinion) but this zobo had artificial flavors which didn’t work for me, but the chicken wings and hot dogs were a good distraction from the poorly made zobo. I wanted more and more of the wings after all, what does a skinny guy have to loose? Nothing right????

Another impressive observation is that StrEATwize chéf is concerned about her hygiene as a trash can is spotted and every customer that had their meal there all used the trash bin without littering the environment. This goes to show how disciplined people are and the feedback and complain notice that was placed on the window, clearly shows this guys are willing to serve their customers to the best of their ability.
However I have one or two words to say, besides you can’t have it all so here it goes. Firstly one table and few chairs isn’t enough, standing while eating isn’t comfortable, have like 3 or 4 tables and also listening and taking orders correctly will save apologies and feeling embarrassed. On that note strEATwize chéf is applauded with 7. A few loose ends just needs to be tied . For the love and sake of the chicken wings, I will keep a close check.

Words by Aliyu Gidado

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