6 Nigerian Actresses Who Are Experts In Skin Toning Business


6 Nigerian Actresses Who Are Experts In Skin Toning Business

Nigerian Celebrities aren’t left out of having side hustles. While some have just boutiques as their side gig, some have added the business of ‘skin care’ since it is obvious that most of the actresses in this particular industry favour a well toned and ‘yellow’ skin, hence, some of their colleagues have taken it upon themselves to provide them with the necessary ingredients

Below is a list of celebrities who are into the skincare business.

1. Mercy Aigbe

The Nollywood actress has a beauty range called ‘Flawless’. “For a Flawlessly beautiful skin then you need to use my products,” the actress and producer claimed at the launch.

The range of beauty products is produced to treat skin troubles likes dark spots, stubborn knuckles, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, patches, acne, pimples, blackheads and other skin challenges. She also has products for lighten up skin, maintenance skin cream, herbal products for your babies.


2. Abimbola Ogunnowo

This actress has said many times that skin care is her life You need to see her skin, it makes even Dencia the Cameroonian singer and bleaching expert look like a learner.

She has a wide range of toning and brightening skin products.

3. Joke Jigan

Joke is one actress who has a glowing skin. She is another actress who has grabbed the opportunity of her own fair skin to get a side gig for herself. She also has the Jokelet glow range and you already know what these products are for!

4. Iyabo Ojo

Iyabo Ojo is a serial entrepreneur. She has a beauty saloon, a food spot, and a skin care line.The Fespris boss is also a boss in the business of skin care with a wide range of skin toning products to help her colleagues who want to look like her achieve their dream!

It is also reported that the actress has added Sliming pills, Breast enlarging cream, Hip up butt enlarging cream, and Tightening liquid for ladies. The introduction as reported is as a result of the demand for having bigger boobs and butt, a fad of the moment.

5. Temitope Osoba

With her skincare line called Osoba Skin Pamper, the once dark skinned Actress is also making a huge mark in the Skincare industry.

6. Mosun Filani

Mosun Filani, who put on hold her acting career for a while, has also revealed that she is making more money from ‘Beauty & Brain,’ her hair and skin care business.

The mother of two takes time out on her social page to show off her busy schedule to show her commitment in making people beautiful as well her the orders she gets from home and abroad.

Pictures and videos of her making braids and Ghana weaves as well as branded skin care ‘beauty and brain’ made from natural ingredients keeps her fan-base engaged.

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