Get the freshest celebrity gossip at Blue Ink!

Get the freshest celebrity gossip at Blue Ink!

Get the freshest celebrity gossip at Blue Ink!

Hearing about different celebrity gossip is one of the most interesting things about the entertainment circle. It comes with exciting details and noteworthy details that no one would want to miss. If you are a fan of celebrity gossip, you’ve come to the right place because Blue Ink has all the sensational pieces of information for you. Read through the different celebrity news below:

Mo Abudu becomes a grandmother for the first time

Mo Abudu, a big media mogul in Nigeria, became a grandmother as her daughter welcomed her first child. Abudu broke the news through her Instagram account where she posted a picture of her daughter’s wedding and she captioned it about her being a grandma. Her daughter, Temidayo, is the current CEO of Ebony Life TV which is a big entertainment channel found across entire sub-Saharan Africa.

Temidayo got married to Abedola Makanjuola, the son of billionaire and chairman of Caverton Helicopters, on July 1, 2019. They held this momentous occasion in Los Angeles, California. However, before this, they had a traditional wedding ceremony in March of the same year.

Shan George shed tears as she got the chairman position

Shan George is a multi-talented figure that is part of Nollywood’s entertainment industry. She is a singer, singer, film producer and director. Her most popular work was being the lead star of the movies Outkast and Welcome to Nollywood. But this time around, she made another milestone when she was appointed the chairman position of the Callywood Board by the governor of the Cross River State.

Upon the announcement of her appointment, George posted on Instagram about her dishevelled look and in tears about the news. She captioned about how she was still in shock about everything and it was the first thing that she saw when she woke up. Additionally, she told her followers that she will do her best to fulfil all her responsibilities. 

Pete Edochie says a man who kneels down is a fool

As one of the most veteran actors in Nollywood, all the comments and opinions relating to marriages and love of Pete Edochie always goes viral whenever he speaks about it. This time, he made a statement about how any man who kneels down to propose to a woman is a fool. He explained that this practice was borrowed from Western countries and kneeling down signifies handing down one’s destiny over to a woman.

His exact words were: ‘Any man who gets down on his knee to propose to a girl is not just an idiot but a bloody fool, he’s a compound buffoon’. This statement sparked various comments from people all over Nigeria and around the world. When Edochie was asked why he was so against it, he explained that doing this act shows that the girl has taken over the family.

Teddy A reacts to a pastor’s tweet

Recently, the famous clergyman Pastor Adeboye took to Twitter about his opinions about marriage and wife duties. The RCCG General Overseer mentioned that a man should not get married to a woman who doesn’t know how to cook. It then caused quite a stir in the platform and earned lots of comments from different people.

One of the individuals who replied to Abedoye’s tweet was the winner of the 2018 Big Brother Naija, Teddy A. He asked what the pastor’s point was with his tweet. Then he added that his wife, Bam Bam, has made him fat by feeding him too much. Apart from that, he mentioned how it doesn’t matter whether one’s wife knows how to cook or not.

Tiwa Savage regrets exposing her private life

Tiwa Savage is known as the sensational Nigerian songstress that has made various hits such as All Over, Sugarcane and Love Me. In her latest interview with Elle South Africa magazine, she admitted that she regrets showing her private life to the world. She mentions how she received a lot of scrutiny for her actions and had her fair share of harsh criticism.

Savage is currently a single mother of one child, after her divorce from former husband Tunji Balogun. More than ever, she felt remorse for telling the public about her failed marriage and that this move was the biggest mistake of her life. She was also accused of infidelity because of her lavish lifestyle but this time, she chose to keep quiet about the issue.

Rather than addressing the problem, she will resolve it privately away from the eyes of the public. Her reason behind this was that exposing it to the public will only ‘add more fuel to the fire’ so she’d chosen to keep quiet about it.

Ireti Doyle distances herself from her daughter

Nollywood actress Ireti Doyle mentioned her strained relationship with one of her daughters, Ngozikachi Abimbola Onyeulo. She talked about how she has distanced herself from her daughter who is now facing allegations of scamming people through her business. In her Instagram, she posted about how she has no connection with Kachi Beauty Products, her daughter’s business. She said that the CEO of Kachi Beauty is one of her ‘biological offsprings and that is the extent of their relationship’.

Tega asks Nigerians for forgiveness

Tega Dominic, one of the stars of Nigeria’s hit series Big Brother Naija, made an appeal to the Nigerian audience asking for forgiveness about her actions while she was on the show. She was caught getting intimate on camera with one of her co-housemates, Boma Akpore. When she was on Chude Jideonwo’s show ‘#WithChude’, the sensational celebrity apologized for her actions and pointed out that she only did it to go with the flow. Moreover, she said that she meant no harm and hopes people will understand her side.

For the topic of sex, she revealed that they did not do it in the house. But she admitted that getting too close with a person was not appropriate since she was a married woman. She then asks for everyone else to support her so she can put all her dreams into reality.

However, this still led to her eviction from the house along with a series of online bullying through her Instagram and Twitter. As a result, she deactivated her Instagram and asked for a truce through her Twitter account.

BBNaija winner calls her last relationship disastrous

As the winner of the fourth season of Big Brother Naija (BBNaija), Mercy Eke has everyone looking closely at her relationship with reality TV star IK. Their highly publicized relationship has now come to its end according to Eke. She disclosed how this former relationship was disastrous through her social media page.

This statement from Mercy came after IK revealed in an interview about how their relationship ‘wasn’t it’ and how he didn’t like that there were millions of opinions that affected it. These two became a couple after their time in the fourth season of BBNaija. However, by 2020, the cracks in their public relationship were showing which led to their break up.

Then by November of that year, Eke mentioned how she got married. She also asked her fans to stop asking about her ex-boyfriend since their relationship was long over and she was currently happy with her life now.

Helen Paul shares photos of her bruised face

Many people were giving the Nigerian comedian Helen Paul harsh criticism about her recent attitude to the paparazzi where she tends to avoid them and keeps on wearing sunglasses wherever she goes. But she disclosed the truth in her Instagram, showing pictures of her badly bruised face. She told her followers that she was involved in a car accident in Abuja which explains why she had to hide her appearance from the public often.

She then added that people should focus on the bigger picture, rather than the smaller details. Aside from this, she is grateful that she is safe and alright now despite what happened.

Annie Idibia deactivated her Instagram account

One of Nollywood’s biggest stars, Annie Idibia, recently deactivated her Instagram account which caused a lot of stir in the social media platform. Since September, she has made headlines for different reasons, usually involving her husband, 2Face. The actress called him out for his ‘suspicious’ relationship with one of his baby mamas, Pero. She also alleged him for not being loving and caring enough since their marriage.

Weeks after her statement, an audio taping about the actress leaked where she threatened to scatter everything about his suspicious trips abroad. She also accused her husband’s cousin and manager of helping him hide his affair.

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