I told Lover I wasn’t the romantic type. As a matter of fact I made this known to her long before we even started dating. I was friends with Lover for over two years before we started dating. A mutual friend had introduced us.

Back then she wondered why a great guy like me could be single and I told her it was partly cos of my unromantic nature and no girl wants to have none of that. I’m great as a friend but I think I make a terrible boyfriend or manfriend as the case maybe. Even during the wooing stage (which actually lasted about six months) I still reminded her how bad I can. But against her better judgment she decided to give me a chance to prove how myself.

No need going into detail of my many fails but her birthday stands out. It was epic.  She didn’t see that coming. Not like I didn’t do anything at all but I sha left her speechless and confused. I almost single handedly turned her into a nagging person.

As we got into month of February I decided to step up my love game by getting her an early valentine gift. My plan was to top it up with a romantic dinner but all that fell flat on my face on 14th of February.

So here’s the gist: Lover got to my house very early in the morning while I was still sleeping and woke me up with various personalized gift items. It’s safe to say it was the most romantic thing anybody ever did for me.

Before she left for work we talked a while and that was when I realized Lover wasn’t into all that val day dinner something. It simply means by romantic dinner joker was useless (dear guys, please know your woman). Confusion sets in but I tried to conceal it. While at work she was hoping I’ll show up at her office and romantically sweep her off her feet. That never happened. I spent the entire day thinking but couldn’t come up with anything to match what she did. Valentine day turned out to be a total disaster.

The turn in my story was on Saturday the 17th when we went to Panache, one of the finest restaurants in Abuja for a romantic dinner. Miss Lover wore a body hugging red dress that defined and accentuated her beautiful frame while I opted for a brown kaftan. Lover loves seeing in kaftan. She once confided in me that seeing me in kaftan makes her wet.

Dinner was excellent and also the best thing to happen to us in recent time. I’ve come to understand that love and relationship is a journey and never a destination. It takes two reasonable adults to make it work. Communication is a key ingredient in relationships. Restaurant and food review will be my next post. Stay tuned.

Words by Ejike Emmanuel

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