It was a sunny hot Friday and I was running late for the Friday prayer at the popular Yoruba mosque Maitama. Cars everywhere with no space to park so I drove into the complex adjacent to the mosque to park (as per sharp Fulani guy). After prayers I noticed I had parked directly in front of a restaurant /Eatry called Uncle D’s. Hmmm, me that like to taste and sample. I walked in and I must say I was impressed with the setting of the place. The beautiful red chairs caught my attention (Victoria Grayson tea chair).We took our seats by the giant windows (my love for big windows sha) . There were packs of pasta in front as if it was a store we walked into (no shade intended). The Lady wasn’t friendly and kept a very straight face.

My friend and I asked the lady what was on the menu she had started listing then like a switch, she stopped and said look at d menu in front….honestly I didn’t notice it and even at that the menu didn’t contain much. I asked for fried rice with chicken and my buddy asked for pasta and the chef came to us asking how the pasted was wanted. Pasta and shredded chicken will do sir my friend politely said and he said it will take 10mints.

My food comes in a square-like plate with the rice shaped in a small circle portion with garden salad by the side and chicken with a drink and ice I call that Pepsi on the rocks. With the heat outside, the Pepsi on the rocks was just what I wanted. Few minutes in and the pasta arrives, beautifully arranged in a bowl. Sizeable portion and well garnished with mushrooms and big red pepper, green pepper with thin sliced onions and shredded chicken in a sauce. We ate with all pleasure but my chicken wasn’t well seasoned. It was bland in the mouth and dry. I didn’t enjoy the chicken. The chef was kind to ask if we enjoyed our meal and we both nodded and said yes.

I noticed take away nylons were used but they were nylons from other shops and departmental stores (out rightly not cool). In my opinion workers are to smile to customers. It gives a welcoming spirit and it also makes the customer comfortable. Chicken should be seasoned and cooked/fried with the right temperature making it sweet, soft and juicy to the extent one will crack the bones. Nylon bags should not be from another store. If you don’t have a customized one use plain ones instead of using nylon bag or ladies supermarket nylon when the content is Uncle D’s. Also every meal and fresh oven products should be included in the menu.

Uncle D’s pasta was Ah’mazing and the fried rice too. As for the salad, it was clean fresh and crunchy and the meals are quite affordable. Uncle D’s has a variety of freshly made and quick food and fresh oven products as well……. Will I return again? Absolutely! If I’m to rate uncle D’s from 0 to 10 and I will say 7 for neatness, accurate keeping to time, good food and affordable too.

Words by Aliyu Gidado

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