Weekends are for resting and sorting out few personal things as that’s the only break one gets out of 7 days in a week, Saturday evening was home chilling and catching up with friends when Abuja electricity Distribution company under the power holding sector chose to seize power as that’s the job description they are paid for and the generator wouldn’t start, apparently it had developed a fault and this was at 7:15pm obviously no technician would available. Being a sharp and fast thinker (wink wink) I suggested we all go out at this point my friends had no definitive compass as to where to chill out, I opted for cafe de ve and all agreed.

Less than 12minutes we were at SV CHROME hotel located on, no101A Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Jabi with Jabi mall as her neighbour to the right and the back view of Sandralia hotel to her left.  Upon our arrival, the security men were reluctant and sluggish to open the gate for us to drive in. As we approached the giant transparent automated doors, a rather unpleasant surprise of a wet floor caution welcomed us as we made our way into the lobby.  We were circumspect in walking pass the wet floor and noticed dripping water from the leakage above. The ambience was quite salubrious, relaxing and beautiful hence the reason we agreed to sit outside to enjoy the atmosphere.

A polite, friendly and soft spoken gentleman walked over with the menu but all I seemed to have place order on wasn’t available because cafe de ve crew had closed for the day so it was SV Chrome hotel menu one could order from. I found it had going through the menu as the writings were not legible and that made it hard to read with the help of the waiter we were able to settle for SV Chrome chicken salad with chicken wings and virgin pinacolada. For the first time I didn’t bother asking the wait time I guess I got carried away with songs the DJ was playing my goodness the DJ was so on point to the extent he got me on my feet, my friends were amazed to see me dance in public (me that can form shy guy) our mock tails were served and the I must I give credit to the bar man for the pinacolada , the pineapple had it pristine taste clearly it wasn’t an artificial flavour  as compared to the numerous ones I have tested in the past .

The chicken wings took forever to come and when it finally came they were savoury, piquant  and quite spicy to the extent my nostrils were opened like a public tap (if you know what I mean) the waiter served us with just one set of cutlery could it be that the pinacolada had made us invisible?  I voiced out loudly as my friends laughed. Did I mention we were seated on an island? O yes we were hmmm first of its kind to the best of my knowledge in the city of Abujabi , we were suspended above a pool of gushing water, I wonder how the rooms will look like. Nature came knocking as I needed to take a leak so I went to the convenience, very neat and odourless again for the first time I took a bathroom selfie.

Finally the salad was served after waiting for almost an hour; just out of curiosity, do you serve salad in a bowl or on a plate? Well in my opinion I much prefer to eat salad from a shallow bowl. Reasons being with that some salads I can’t get the last pieces of lettuce lying flat and stock on the plate. To my chagrin our salads were brought on flat plates which I felt was unprofessional because if I successfully dig in with my folk I’m likely to squirt juice from the over myself or my table mates . The was good and clean as it contained fresh lettuce, sweet corn, boiled egg and stripes of grilled chicken , I felt  the quantify was small for the price charged , the dressing was the highlight my taste buds were to identify vinegar, honey and cream  which enabled me finish my salad.

My advice or rather should I say my opinion, starters are to be served the same time with drinks, always inform customers the wait time for their meal, increase the quantity of serving in order to gives customers the value for their money, ensure all ingredients are added in any meal for instance my salad didn’t have cucumber and make the writing on your menu bold and legible.

On a scale of 0 to 10 SVCHROME  is  nesting on a 7, a few touches is needed for better performance.

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