Tired, stressed and hungry. Three words to describe me . Eager for food and longing for my bed. Stopped at Southern Pot Restaurant located on 3RD avenue gwarimpa. From outside the lights and large windows (wink) are welcoming as I made my way up the stairs with the energy left in me while taking one step at a time. The walls were decorated with black Africans who in their different ways made the black race proud and inspired many people one way or the other. Quite a reminder of how these individuals fought for what they believed in I thought to myself as I reached the top. I sat in a corner that had a soft couch.

A lady comes blah blah blah but wait…. the menu wasn’t attractive. It was a laminated paper with everything written on one page. All I wanted was food and a chilled drink and water. Settled for starch and banga soup as I had tried it four years ago at the Esama of Benin’s residence (famzing). I enjoyed it then so I assumed it would be nice to try again.

very cozy with its unique African print table cloth well arranged. Spaced with warm lighting making the room comfortable and relaxing. 28minutes later food arrived in a traditional clay pot steaming and boiling a bit was my banga soup with dried fish and a mold of banga looking sunny yellow served on a white plate. My oh my I was ready to battle with the Hunger in me …. Off course a bowl of water was brought without liquid soap. Even when I went to the bathroom there wasn’t any toilet soap or hand wash (disappointing) . So I ate my meal but did I enjoy it? Not really. Why? Because it didn’t have the banga flavor and the fish was as if it was just dropped in the soup before served and I didn’t get the hint/taste of the spices .

Drink wasn’t chilled and when I asked for ice there was none. The excuse was no light (really? Don’t you have a generator??). But good thing is the waitress was polite, friendly and she smiled all through trying to make up for the places they didn’t deliver. In my opinion pay attention to every detail in your restaurant. The small things we ignore end up being a big deal. Hand wash should be on every table or should be brought out. Also they should be provided in the convenience. The menu should be designed in such a way a customer will be eager to go through it and finally seasoning and spices…. You know what I mean.

Over all Southern Pot has good services, clean place, polite & neat staff and also cozy environment. Rating from 0 to 10 I will say 4 in my opinion besides they have many items on their menu that one should try and pocket wise very reasonable and affordable to all classes. Even with the economic situation (recession).

Words by Aliyu Gidado


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