Crush café restaurant and bar Located on first avenue Gwarimpa with its apex bill board boldly written crush café, one can’t help but notice. This place is unique in its own way. It has many services to offer. From the badminton court to the snooker, table tennis ,good food, good music, large screens placed every where to watch live matches, karaoke etc…..A relaxing and comfortable environment, well landscaped,good security and ample sitting areas both indoors and outdoors.

Let’s begin. I sat down close to the bar where every staff should notice when a customer arrives. We sat there for almost 10minutes before a lady attend to us. we had to call her attention. Menu comes and we flipped through and settled for bush fish with fries and Cole slaw by the side and peppered goat meat with plantain and jellof rice by the side and drinks as well.

The DJ was on point as he kept playing the right tracks for the mood. We waited for 50minutes before our order came and by then the hunger had started kicking in. Beautiful display of culinary art right in front of us. Salivating and eager to dig in …….hold on where is my plantain madam? The lady said ‘erm sir there’s no plantain’ but it’s written on the menu that it comes with plantain. She was mumbling her words so we called another staff and he also didn’t have any thing to say instead he said he was going to call the manager, (manager never came Out).

Back to the food. The fish was well spiced and piquant, I could taste the different seasoning used in grilling the fish and the chips was just right . Over to the rice and peppered goat. Hmmmm I lack the right word for the goat meat as it was just awesome! The rice was too dry as if it over stayed in the micro wave. In one word both meal was delectable.

My observation about crush café is their staff are not well organized. You can’t have one person handling table 50 and handling table 3 at d same time. secondly the staff should boost their performance especially in their slow movements but I commend them for their polite and friendly ways. Rating from 1 to 10 crush café I will score them 7 but hey, there is room for improvement. When ever you are in the area, make sure you visit Crush Café.

Words by Aliyu Gidado

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