One fine day I was going trough my instagram timeline when I stumbled on a friend’s post: a beautiful platter of culinary art. On the 9th of December I decided to check this restaurant my friend was dining at. Mind you this day also happened to be my birthday so I was prepared for a treat.

H&H continental restaurant is situated on Blantyre street wuse 2 with Barcelona hotel as its landmark. I grabbed a few close friends as per recession, I couldn’t afford to take everyone(my apologies “friends “). On getting there, I noticed it was another setting of food city. The restaurant had large windows which we sat by; so we could get a good view of the pleasant courtyard of the food court.

Taking our seats, a waitress walks over and presents us with a menu each. It was a nice touch not to have to share the menu. would have been a perfect one if not for the demeanor of the waitress who seemed like she was forced to be doing the job. Remember this was my birthday and I wasn’t ready to have anyone ruin this day for me. With that in mind I asked her to have somebody else take our orders.

A Comfort walks over with a more welcoming manner and takes our orders. Starters: the signature H&H chicken wings with chili dipping. One word: amazing.

Did I mention we were given hot hand towels to kill off the germs we brought in?(shade intended. Or not). All taste buds were awaken and ready to explore more. 15minutes later main course: steamed rice with shredded chicken and mushroom . Honestly I couldn’t even eat up to half of my large portion that could have fed two.

The soup was sweet and moderately spicesd. The rice was steamed correctly; not too soft and not too strong. Then came the cake and a birthday song playing over the sound system filling up the room with just the right volume.

Pleasantly surprised as this was arranged by one of my close friends, singing along to the melody I cut the cake while my friends captured the moment.

H&H is a nice spot to chill inside or outside. Four stars for hospitality, services and food. As for the pocket, I will say it’s affordable at least dinning there wouldn’t break the bank. At the end of it all, it was time well spent. Thank you H&H continental.

Words by Aliyu Gidado ………..

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