Been a minute since I went out to try amazing dishes around town and so I thought the Uncle D’s movie night would be an amazing opportunity to start out the year. For me, the major selling point with this movie night idea is that it emphasises the vibe that relaxation and food should always stay married. Think about it really, do most people go to a restaurant to eat and relax or to eat and then go home to relax? Well, let’s leave all the social science and philosophy for another time (doffing my academic hat… lol).

When we mapped Uncle D’s restaurant, google in her infinite wisdom brought us to Capador Mall, 85, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, Abuja. The ambience from the parking lot made us feel like we had our very own version of ”Five Guys burgers” right here in Abuja. Taking a brief glance at each other, myself and bae started to walk briskly to Uncle Ds front door in anticipation of all the good food. We quickly settled into our booth and scanned through the menu (which I can gladly say was very fairly priced, location and all other services considered). Of all the meals we had, I particularly liked having their version of the chicken shawarma , oreos milkshake and the waffles and chicken. In bea’s words… “ I could never stay at a restaurant for longer than the food lasted, but here at uncle D’s , I didn’t mind, I mean it was in the little things, the large red comfortable looking chairs, the menu stand in the booth we occupied , the way you see the kitchen area from every corner of the restaurant, it was in the glass tumblers, the way the head chef was interested in every separate group, the chocolate drizzle from the waffles we ordered, and all that FREE popcorn!!!”

Well, if a brother still had to rate Uncle Ds after all these, I’d have to say an 8 especially for the value for money, services and ambience. Oh! lets not forget, apart from free popcorn, we got a 10% discount off the bill because it was a Thursday movie night. I therefore recommend that you and your crew consider that for your next hangout. As for me, I’m definitely coming back because I don’t mean to be cheeky but keeping bae a “happy-Child” is the beginning of my own happiness if you know what I mean. Attendance was ok considering it was the first time but we see it getting better with subsequent ones. Uncle D’s Thursdays movie night is an alternative avenue to chill in Abuja therefore, a welcome development.

Words by Victor Odiba

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