Wednesday night the weather was cool as if the rain was coming down soon, everywhere seemed quiet and peaceful. With the craving for Chinese I decided to take an uber and found myself on the ever busy street of Adetokunbo Ademole wuse 2 at Woks and Koi Chinese Express Restaurant . With just a small bowl of fruit salad in my belly I had space to ingest Singapore noodles as that was exactly what I had been craving for .

Got in, sat down and the waiter dressed in his smart Chinese uniform politely handed me the menu but I already knew what I wanted. I already had my starter so I settled for prawn in sauce with Singapore noodles and teem on the rocks (bitter lemon). 15 minutes was the expected time but I had my doubts about that based on my experience from the past , so I took the time to look around. I was really convinced I was at the right place as it offered the feeling and setting of a small pretty Chinese dining room with cute light and armless seats with no back rest. Clearly they don’t want people to over stay their welcome hence the reason for such but that’s how the typical Chinese chairs are.

The place also had some bamboo décor to adore. Talk about management of space I thought to myself. For a minute I assumed I was in china town. There were also sweets in small glass bowls on every table …. How generous, compared to some overpriced restaurants.

At last food was served under the expected time. Quite surprising. No wonder ‘Express’ is amongst the restaurant’s name. With my fingers crossed hoping to see the actual Singapore noodles and not something else like the regular spaghetti we all know. With a big pleasing smile on my face to see this beautiful mouth watering meal before me, colorful and well garnished.

It was a delicious experience; I mean in less than 15minutes such a yummy and palatable meal was well executed without any fault. I was truly at the right place. Same with the prawn sauce; it was just perfect and the quantity of the food was quite sizeable too.

However my only issue with Woks&Koi Express was that they posted a picture on their instagram page only to get there to find out they didn’t have it. Could it be it’s only served at their Silver bird outlet? Other than that everything was professionally executed and satisfying.

On a scale of 0 to 10 Woks&koi Express Chinese Restaurant is firing her dragon balls at an 8 for her impeccable services, affordable meals, adequate space management, polite and friendly staff.’

Words by Aliyu Gidado

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