It was a day well-spent in company of amazing young guys at the lovely Grills-In-And-Out restaurant located at the food city court. I wasn’t so sure of what to expect when My good friend Ejike Emmanuel told me we were going to crash the only self grill place in Abuja and that we were going to document the experience. But because I’d become so accustomed to the restaurant – thanks in-part to my many wanderings, i’d discovered the place a year ago, so that familiarity sort of made up for some of the other uncertainties.

Beyond all these, one thing was clear; I was going to have a swell meal, though i hadn’t tried self grill anywhere before then but my heart was as wide open as a gate. While at grills in and out, i was seated next to Ejike Emmanuel and former model turned model-manager Sammy Jones in a quietly chilled part of the restaurant that I’d never had a meal at. Without much ado we were greeted by waiters smiling from ear to ear waiting to take our orders as they served us the menus. It had everything from Nigerian grills to Mongolian grills. We were soon served our starter which was buffalo wings served with hot-sauce and chapman by the side. Ejike and some others on the other hand had chicken lettuce wrap served with green pepper, peanut, ginger and garlic.

Mind you, this was far from a conventional gourmet meal set-up where table manners had to be strictly adhered to, I mean we did the best we could, at some point I had to ditch my fork and knife for the trusted Nigerian style of hand dip. There was laughter, smiles and snap-shots as everyone wanted to get the best possible capture of their plates.

In no time we were done with our starters and then came the main thing, the self grill. We had to self grill lamb ribblets, beef, shrimps and chicken by ourselves, after the initial tutorials though. To go, we had Mayonnaise, hot-pepper sauce, ketch-up for dips and Asian fried rice laced soy sauce and vegetable. I had never had that much grill like that day. It was a fun grill. My first and best experience so far. And I’ll absolutely return there soonest. I strongly recommend this place to lovers and those looking to do something different. I look forward to the next invite by crasher team.

Words by Richard Akuson

Enjoy the video.



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