I was kinda thinking of what my next entry for blueink.ng was gonna be when I stumbled on the new Airtel Nigeria advert titled ‘Life Without Data’. The advert stars Gabriel Afolayan and he was very outstanding. Youtube adverts can sometimes be annoying and most times I don’t hesitate to click the ‘Skip Advert’ button once the countdown is done but on this very day, for some strange reasons, after the countdown I allowed the advert to keep playing. I don’t know if it was the Asa sound track playing in the background or not but from the word go, the advert caught my attention and held it.

The advert is creative, simple and also very funny so it was definitely a very good advert. But what really make for a good advert? A good advert :

has to be memorable
has to make you laugh
has to have something you can relate to
has to have a clear cut message
has to be professional.

The advert is two minutes long and that’s too long for a modern day advert. A marketing pro once told me that human attention span these days is very short and that’s why most adverts are seconds long. Unlike in the past when adverts were 4 to 5 minutes long. This supposedly long advert has been viewed over five hundred thousand times on Airtel youtube channel. The most viewed content on that channel to date. So this advert is great! Or so I thought, initially until I got to the tail end of it then I saw it.

The arm pit! Why? Why? Why ruin a good advert with an arm pit? Why do that?

At exactly 1:55 seconds the rough looking marooned Gabriel Afolayan with tattered clothes, dreadlocks and very bushy beards raised his hand to take a selfie with the partying females and his armpit was clean shaven. Compare that clean shaven arm pit with the rest of him and you’ll know it’s a no no. Now that singular incident ruined a near perfect TV commercial for me. It left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Who was the continuity manager on set who’s main duty is to ensure errors do not occur? I want to assume everyone involved in this commercial was professional and was also paid top money for their rolls but I strongly believe the continuity manager needs to make a refund to Airtel Nigeria because he failed. The video has 649 thumbs up and 88 thumbs down and I bet you those 88 thumbs down was as result of the failure of the continuity manager.

Of course that wasn’t the only error I noticed. I replayed the video several times and a close up of Gabriel Afolayan’s hands while writing the SOS message showed a well manicured finger nails. But of course the most annoying for me has to be the arm pit. Airtel Nigeria please let us know when the refund has been made. Thank you.

……Words by 2E…..


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