Mr Manny food blog: The back story


As a photographer, creativity, balance and client satisfaction are core tenets I must abide with.  This makes it possible for me to recognize these qualities anywhere in things that I love, especially FOOD.

I love the process of creating food,  the intense but charming look on the faces of chefs while they marry recipes and aethestically ‘plate’ the food for the visual, aromatic and tasty demands of ‘eaters’.

In fact, food was one of the things that birthed Blue Ink Media. You can’t imagine how much the thoughts of sharing the intricacies of my own meals excited me. Shocked?  Yeah,  this photographer can cook.  Close folks know that I am a natural foodie and can attest to my cooking skills,  especially for local dishes.

More importantly, I wanted to showcase the best food places and chefs to the world and this led to the birth and unveiling of the Mr Manny Food Blog. I wanted to embark on a classic food review with a twist and like photography,  I decided to have the most fun with this. Doesn’t food birth the most fun?

It certainly does or gives the energy to, especially as a lot of energy and support came from my good friend and top food blogger MatseCooks when I intimated her of my plans. I told her how I would love to make some of my dishes with MatseCooks seasonings and she obliged me by generously and promptly gifting me five of her seasonings.  I probably would have been stuck at the idea stage without her support.

But here we are.  I am Mr Manny, the photographer who loves food enough to prepare local dishes at his leisure while he appreciates the works of professionals and reviews them for the readers of Blue Ink.

This journey has been educative as I have come to appreciate the works of our dear chefs more.  So cheers to Chef Stone,  Chef Emeka,  Chef Muse,  Chef Fregz,  MatseCooks and other chefs out there for all the hard work. The Mr Manny Food Blog reviews is all about making fun expositions about several food experiences while we have as much fun as possible.

So,  pick up your food gears and taste buds as you come with me on this new and exciting journey.

PS: Come prepared to feed your eyes because Mr Manny is not leaving salivating photography out of the equation.

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