Found myself in the heart of wuse 2, hungry but looking for something different from the regular restaurants we frequent. I noticed a new place opposite food city wuse 2, I parked and walked in; beautiful ambiance with large windows that let in natural light. Low soft music playing in the background, that kind that doesn’t distract. A gentle man walks over with the menus, smiling he says: good afternoon would you like to go through the menu?

He hands it over, as I peruse the menu my gaze falls upon the continental rice. I place the order and ask for a drink while I waited. Barely 10 minutes later the waiter returns with my meal. The aroma hits me with a pleasant surprise, I look down to find this beautiful arrangement of garnished seafood contrasted by a slab of spicy rice sided by portions of coleslaw and chili sauce.

With my mouthwatering, I pick up my fork then dig in to this culinarily piece of artwork. The flavors dance on my tongue giving me an extraordinary pleasant feeling moving down my body as I swallowed my first bite. A few moments later I hear my fork scraping against the China, shocked at the above average portion of the meal I just consumed.

Madre’s is that restaurant that one will always want to return back to and the price is quite pocket friendly as compared to other restaurants in Wuse2. I for one will go back there to taste every meal on the menu.

……….Aliyu Gidado……

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