I wish i could sing In the mirror or dance in the shower or maybe sit in a big bath tub or jacuzzi sipping red wine and chewing strawberries or grapes in an expensive China bowl while listening to Rihanna. I’ll be playing with the cute bubbles that have covered my body forming a second skin but No! I’m somewhere in Osun getting ready for parade *sadface*. Dont let any Yoruba person talk you down or call you local and unexposed. Their states are the worst shambles I’ve been to in Nigeria. Worst still is their shattered and battered roads that almost cost me my Sanity during my trip to Ede camp!.

The frustration in this place is making me miss Abuja, the glamour, the the flashy cars that cause your heart to sink and your jaws drop. The high buildings and well sculptured walls. The beautiful girls who can actually afford the life they want and those faking it. I miss the cute macho guys I meet in gyms that make you drool and wish for whatever your dirty minds can conjure and while shopping, those chic men that come for groceries. Awww! And then I also miss eating the icecream at Stone cold. The cool evening breeze and the serenity on a posh Abuja street is heaven. I sha love quiet places too. They make me concentrate and appreciate nature. Maybe because am a “Naturalist”.

Right now am sitting in a shade with an aluminum roof and wooden frames and waiting for the Noodles I ordered and even though it’s taking forever the pang in my stomach is reminding me that I left my Pancakes for Abuja’s high fly photographer to devour at Café de vie, a cool place in wuse 2 we crashed just few days ago and I wish I could have them again. Aargh! EFCC need to arrest Ejike Manny for not having the will power to say no when i made an offer no matter how juicy it seems. *big.grin*.

Café de vie is lit guys! It’s one of the coolest hidden places in Abuja that is not rowdy despite the fact that it’s exquisite. It’s location is hard to give away for all of you wishing you could parole without someone that knows the place. If you don’t know the address you’ll hardly guess what goes on inside the building on number 11 adzope street called ‘Bricks point’.

Once inside the cafe I was amazed at their minimal yet sophisticated theme. There were cute paintings and portraits on the wall and the stools were expertly handcrafted. About seven indian ladies were chatting and taking pictures. Apparently one of them turned a year older and they all turned up for her which was cute. Since it was my first time and everything on the menu sounded Japanese I asked Mr Ejike to order (before I order Tortoise Eyes and frog limbs #LOL). He ordered Pancakes which was accompanied by Pistachio nuts and syrup and for drinks, we did fresh Lemonade since we’re Queen Bey’s super fans!.

The pancakes were out of this world. Truth is I couldn’t have been able to figure out the recipe for that pancake. I can’t tell you guys how delicious it was because its beyond description when laced with the syrup *yumyum*. The Lemonade was everything Beyoncé is, was and will ever be; Divine! The best thing about café de vie is the Cooking lessons they offer for anything you eat? They also teach you how to Knit, Master the Piano and Photography. They have fresh yoghurt, cappuccinos, frapuccinos, green juices, coffee, brownies, orange juices, Lemonades, omelette and sandwiches. For those of you who’ve not tasted Fasolia rice, stroganoff beef and mushroom sauce head over to café_de_vie and enjoy these and lots more including Free wifi! *Winks*

I’ve been enjoying my food I forgot About the parade, a soldier is coming towards me *quickly says psalm 35* if you are reading this I might be dead!!!.

Words by Jennifer Yohanah.

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