I got back home on Saturday June 11th 2016 super tired after shooting a very hectic wedding and as a routine, I hit up the internet and social media to catch up with some of the things I might missed while shooting all day. I got on Instagram and started scrolling till I got Rosemarry’s page and there was a picture of Nura with the caption “my friendly soldier is gone” and for some strange reasons my tired brain couldn’t process it so I just clicked like and continued. It was when I got to Jake Okechukwu page that it hit me. Nura was dead and gone and I froze. Gradually the tears welled up from the heart and gathered to my eyes. The tears didn’t flow down but was just there in my eyes peppering away. Writing this right now and recalling everything calls back the tears but I must go on. Am still struggling with the reality of Nura’s demise.

The next morning, I got on twitter and Nura was number one trending topic. Even those that didn’t know him had to accept that Nura was an exceptional fellow after seeing the tweets about him. Nura was a soldier that has gone and has left a legend.

Nura called me on 30th may to tell me of a little girl he was trying to raise money for so she could undergo surgery. He told him he needed to raise 80k so I quickly transferred what I could to the account. Two days later I called him to enquire about the fund raising and he told me he was able to raise more than the required 80k. He assured me all was well. We then talked about the project we were working on. We had talked about it in details the last time I visited his home.

Nura had just rounded up his NYSC service and there was just so much to be done, but suddenly on the 11th of June 2016 Nura was taken from us just like that. Nura was probably having crisis when he was raising money for the little girl’s surgery. He is that selfless. I recall visiting Nura at Aso Clinic when he had one of his crisis and how brave he was in the face of all the pains.

I met Nura over 7 years ago through our mutual friend Jenifer Ajav and after that first encounter, i was so taken in by him. I fondly referred to him as Mr President after he narrated to me their exploits at the children’s parliament. Nura has one of the best leadership qualities i ever saw in a person. Nura was a constant source of inspiration to everybody around him and not just those with the sickle cell condition. Nura Mohammed remains one of the best human being I’ve ever met and it’s just so unfortunate he had to go so soon. I miss him, I mourn and I will always support that which he stood for as a memorial to him. Rest on Nura.

By Ejike Manny

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