Actor Ibrahim Chatta React To Reports That He Beat Up A Senator’s Daughter

Actor, Ibrahim Chatta has debunked the claim that his ex-wife, Salamat, who is a Senator’s daughter, left him because he was a woman beater.

There were reports that Salamat decided to walk away from their union because she suffered domestic violence but Chatta, in an interview with Punch, wondered how he could have summoned the courage to batter a politician’s daughter.

The actor explained that he tried his best in making the marriage work but to no avail after the woman declared that she no longer loved him.

Speaking further, he said,

“I am not a wife beater. It was reported on different occasions that I beat a woman but no one came out with proof. When one beats a woman, don’t you think the women will come up with photos of injuries sustained during the beating?

“During an interview, a journalist asked me if I had hit a woman before, I said once but she slapped me first and they twisted my words and used it against me.

“When we die, we should not think it is over because God will like to know how we spent our lives.

“When I married Salamat, the daughter of a senator, here was no trust in the union . I begged and did everything to make the marriage work because I feared what the fans would think about me. I didn’t want the public to think I could not keep a happy home or see me in a bad light because I know I am a role model.

“But she said she had stopped loving me since 2012 when we did our Nikkah. According to her, she was only pretending all the while. Even though my mind was no longer in the relationship too, I still wanted her and was willing to put things in order.

“When couples fight, I don’t know why people always put the blame on men. If you are an entertainer, it becomes worse as there is a general insinuation that entertainers are promiscuous and irresponsible. heard different stories when Salamat left me.

“They also said she left my house because I didn’t have a good home . But I had four bedrooms , two sitting rooms and I accommodated people too.

“I love having people around me, which also became a problem . But she saw all these before marriage. They also said I beat her like I did to my baby mama. What kind of money do I have that would make me beat a politician’s daughter?

“Are people so gullible to believe those lies? When people make accusations , they should come out with proof apart from word of mouth.”

Are you still married?

Yes, I am married and my wife stays with me. I have only married two women in my life. After my failed marriage to Salamat, I took another wife. I was never married to the mother of my first child, Olayinka Solomon. I believe God brought us together for a reason and I wish her well. She is still my friend and we talk well.

How do you react to claims that you are a womaniser?

I am not a womaniser. When you are into entertainment, women will come after you. It has always been the norm even before the advent of social media.

How do you feel when you read negative things about you?

I feel bad whenever I see negative things about me but I know that God will judge everyone someday. I am different from the person the media has made me look like to the public and my colleagues can testify to this. For instance, on my birthday, the goodwill messages I get are always overwhelming. The industry practitioners know that I always look out for the younger ones and I am good to the elderly too. I don’t want to praise myself because it is not appropriate. On my last birthday, as I was reading what people wrote about me, I didn’t know when tears dropped from my eyes. I don’t understand why people have the misconception that I am a terrible person or a wife beater.

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