So the other day he heard that @yabans_restaurant in wuse 2 was going be giving out free after Salah barbecued ram meat and we decided we were going to crash it. Haven successfully crashed other events in the past we reasoned this was going to be an easy crash. We got there on time when @iamdjdannymix was setting up as guests were arriving. Shortly after we settled in with some inside the restaurant and the rest outside while drinking different cocktails served by @yabans_restaurant and waiting for the free ram meat, the rain started falling so we all had to run inside.

Trust Abuja people, no amount of rain can stop them when they’ve made up their mind to eat free ram meat. Despite the rain it still turned out be a very decent outing and @yabans_restaurant were a fantastic host. Enjoy the short video we made as we look forward to the next event or place to crash.


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