We so love inter-tribal and inter-racial marriages. Maria and Dauda’s wedding was a meeting of the North and the West. It’s been a while we crashed any wedding at blueink.ng so it feel really good to be back. Today we tell you what we witnessed at #Mardau17.

The wedding ceremony and reception took place at the same venue; Evelyn Event Centre Gwarimpa. It was an afternoon wedding so expectedly the reception began early evening. The second hall at Evelyn Centre which served as the venue was demarcated into two with the smaller side used as the ceremony ground while the bigger side was reserved for reception but our focus is on the reception.

The groom’s father is a retired military officer as such there were many top serving and retired military officers in attendance. Expectedly the security was tight. Passing trough security and entering the hall you’re greeted by the aisle that looks like multiple toll gates with snapchat filters at the top. Our instant observation about the décor was that it was kept moderate and classy. No over-the-top design and the tables were arranged for easy movement. There were no high tables at the wedding. Every table looked the same but being a strictly on invite wedding reception, most tables were reserved for specific people.

There was this simple but very lovely six layer round cake close to the couple’s stage that had MD boldly inscribed on it.

As soon as the guests got seated they were served small chops by Izza Bites and cocktails by Pink Flavors. Food by Classic Golden pot and Inception Caterers followed immediately and this was understandable considering the reception was an evening one. Guests should be hungry by then. The food wasn’t surplus but there was enough for every guest to eat. It just seemed perfect.

We really love how everything was kept minimal but classy. When it was time for the couple to make their entry, the bridal train along with some friends and well wishers danced in first and formed an aisle. Then came the couple in their second outfit dancing to the music supplied by DJ Ice MO and as soon as they got to the center of the aisle, the fireworks went off and it was really beautiful.

When the couple got to the dance arena, the men excused Maria and her friends to dance first while they watched. This was unusual and different. After the ladies were done dancing the men moved in but one could see the lack of enthusiasm on their part so it was a big relief to the guys when the DJ kept their dance session short.

The MC of the day Mr Iniobong Monday was very professional. He maintained order without diminishing the fun. Because of the many dignitaries in attendance security was very tight so it was hard for those instant photographers known as kpa kpa kpa to gain entry, but towards the end, about two succeeded to come in.

Deluxe Bakery and Makeup provided additional small chop and desert for the after party while DJ Ice MO supplied music. Big thanks to EM Event Décor for the beautiful design and for also planning and executing a near perfect wedding.

Photos by @ejikemanny

Below is the video by Slim Pixels Montage for blueink.ng

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