Hot and sunny afternoon, one of those days you begin very early but it ends mid day (thankfully). I was thirsty, tired, stressed, cranky and hungry (I had skipped breakfast). Sat at the lobby with my phone and typed Libreville street wuse2 as my destination and 7minutes into the time my uber arrives and within some minutes I was seated at Metro café by the big window (yay).

Nice setting, cool and relaxed environment with the ray of natural light courtesy the large windows. Quickly I gazed through the menu and settled for Quarter chicken and veggie rice with fresh mixed fruit juice. As the lady was about to walk away I called her attention with the question how long will it take? She said 15mints. As if that isn’t the default line every restaurant gives. Because I wasn’t in a joking mood, with a very serious face I replied “madam 40minutes you meant to say” with a smile she said “let me ask them in the kitchen sir”.

I felt kinda restless and was running out of patience due to the Hunger biting hard in my stomach so I took the time to admire the serenity of this cute place. The major thing I noticed is that one gets to have a view of the kitchen by seeing how the meal is being prepared, thanks to the large rectangle shaped window between the sitting area and the kitchen.

Finally my food arrives even though it took longer than the expected time but the sight of this yummy and scrumptious looking display of food porn right before me made me rather to eat ……. hold on! need I mention that the young lady forgot my fresh juice and even my water. I had to remind her and also got the usual sorry for the delay saying there were pending orders hence the reason for the delay, which I found flimsy and very unprofessional.

Anyway as I was saying, the food was delicious as every bite came with its fuse of different hint of spice and savoury taste which penetrated my taste buds and provided the solution to my hunger with the unforgettable finger licking superb chicken. It was divine as my funny friend will say ” very fantastic my dear” lol. The juice was just there, nothing special about it as it made the word forgettable easy for me (no shade intended) .

Enough with the praises let’s talk about the flaws. Please note that I have fallen in love with you i.e. Metro café . Kindly improve on your services as every detail is important and teach your staff on how to keep it down. They were loud and at a point their voices served as entertainment before someone remembered to switch on the stereo. A customer had to complain on how the staff were bickering in loud tones.
On a scale of 0 to 10 Metro café is waving it’s scored card on 6. There’s room for improvement. It’s actually the biggest room in the world to fill in.

Words by Aliyu Gidado

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