We know you guys love gossips and that’s why prying into people’s business seems to be the some people’s job! And even though the likes of Kimkanye and the the kardashian clan seems to benefit from this, some others find it offensive when you cook up stories about them! One of such is Eniola Badmus who wowed us when she was paired with Funke Akindele in ‘Jenifa’ revealed that the harm caused by the press and social media encouraged her to be silent with her matters of the heart.

The gbogbo Bigz Girl who recently bagged an Etisalat endorsement when asked about her love life said “those are things I don’t like talking about. Let’s talk about my career instead” Talking about your relationship on social media won’t make the relation last. Check out celebrities that keep their relationships on a low, less trouble and prying eyes is their portion.

She further expressed her concern for the current trend of celebrity feud with their colleagues and fans on social media. According to her, fans are not totally loyal to one celebrity and have the power to make or break any public figure. She added that Nigerians in the Diaspora don’t really have fans who wouldn’t move out from them and that’s why she doesn’t reply them as they are the same sets of people that will praise her today and talk shit to her tomorrow and she’s not about that life.

Keeping your relationship to your self will even benefit you more because we all know some people are demons waiting for your downfall to occur so that they’ll laugh. Others are never happy with themselves and so hate for others to be happy and even you seem happy they are never happy. Keeping them in the dark and surprising them once in a while will throw them off balance and give you more edge over them.

Let’s use Caroline Danjuma and Tiwa savage’s love life. Can someone please explain how social media has improved their marriages? Or is the constant feud between Annie Idibia and her husband’s baby mamas!. If it has done anything it only exposed their pain and allowed their stories become topics of discussions and reference points because as celebrities their lives are like magazines and newspaper anyone interested can pick up and have their fill and so therefore we think it’s better that celebrities ignore harsh comments and not let such comments get to them, and for the rest posting Bae is this and Bae is that, you are on your own. keep giving information to people who will in turn laugh at you and consequently destroy your relation with irrelevant comments and advices!.


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