Friday afternoon at quarter after 2pm , prayers were said and exchange of pleasantries were done , on this particular Friday I spent almost one hour saying hello to different people it was as if most of the people I know had planned to pray in maitama well  a wedding fathia followed immediately after prayers were said ……… fast forward  i got into the car and found myself at No1 Rudolf close off Katsina Ala crescent with the IG of police residence as its major land mark , upon my arrival o the said address i had copied correctly from the instagram page instead of seeing a sign post indicating LITTLE CHINA RESTAURANT  to my surprised I saw an obituary  placed at the gate , I got confused an asked the security men seated under a tree adjacent to this asking them if there was a restaurant and all three men nodded no . I opened my instagram page again (luckily I had data) and called the phone number on the page and the man said he was coming out under a minute he came and ushered me into the compound all I could were different flats and I wondered to myself why run a restaurant in a residential area with no form sign board or even a banner.

I got in and sat down rather than having the menu brought to me I saw some flyers on the table and I opened the it the menu was all written on it hmmm i and there was no power as well immediately i concluded it was a mess while going through the said menu the generator was switched on and the cooling system came (OPE O!)  I settled for crispy vegetable spring roll for starters while spicy Kung pao chicken with steamed white rice as main dish. As usual I asked the waiting time before being served the default 15minutes was the answer I smiled and said ok, by the name Little China it was indeed a small space that could seat 8 people and to that it being  a Chinese restaurant one would expect  it to have Chinese interior but it didn’t have that which made seem like a normal cafeteria , i also notice the refrigerator was directly under the television  which didn’t sit well at sight in fact it served as a storage self aside chilling water and drinks .

At the expected time my meal was served chicken Kung pao ,white steamed rice with vegetable spring rolls  ulala what a display of delectable  culinary skill, the spring rolls was crispy and hot that didn’t take much time to consume before facing the main dish . The Kung pao chicken was slightly spicy which contained fresh vegetable, boneless chicken, groundnut in dark sauce it was dulcet, palatable and satisfying. There was nothing to complain about as the meal was professionally executed well which I found ambrosial and appealing, i mean how many Chinese restaurants in Abuja actually serve you the proper rice? This was a different experience as it was one of the few that knew how to execute a proper Chinese meal.

Let me tone down the praises as all isn’t perfect , it’s advisable to have more than pos machine for instance I wanted paying with mu card but I was the pos machine was taken out with the dispatch team and my question was what if I didn’t have cash on me what would have happened ? Would a staff have followed me to an atm machine?  That isn’t professional; also the staff should learn how to smile often keeping a straight face isn’t welcoming, finally kindly place a banner or sign outside for customers to be sure of where they are.

On a scale of 0 to 10 LITTLE CHINA  is resting at a 7, less I forget they offer delivery services to all parts of Abuja metropolie and they are very affordable,  a trial will convince you to stick to this guys.

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