Once upon a time I loved a guy who even loved coffee more than food. He would have it at anytime of the day no matter the weather. He loved the scent so much his house smelt of it . Now! Am a yellow label tea Person who loved a coffee-everyday-guy, but I had to join in his obsession and subsequently became addicted too. We would always take strolls to coffee shops after work and end up laughing home. Best days of my life!

I had to learn how to make strong coffee, cappuccinos and frappuccino at home and now I want to teach you too. I got the recipe and procedures online so enjoy!.


Strong Chilled coffee
Mason jar/any jar
Lots of ice
Whole milk
Sweetened Condensed milk

First! You need really strong brewed coffee, pour it in a mason jar or any jar at all and pop it in the fridge until it is really cold.

start by pouring the concentration into a blender
Add whole / non fat milk, just be sure to splash in some heavy cream. Don’t add the milk to point of it being super creamy, it still needs that coffee-ish look.

Now add a touch of deliciousness! Vanilla…
For sweetness, add sweetened condensed milk, the nectar of the gods!

Add sugar or syrup but I prefer the condensed milk, add about a fourth cup or a little more depending on your taste, delicious!
Now add ice, maybe top off the whole blender
Then just blend the heck out of it until the ice is totally broken up, and the frappuccino is nice and smooth as it can be with all that nice, crunchy ice

Lastly you can add more milk or coffee depending on how you like it, The coffee basically needs to be too strong for the average person to drink straight and actually, too strong for the average person to drink with a little cream and sugar added! You have to account for the dilution that will happen when you blend it all with ice and milk; you still wanna taste that beautiful coffee flavor when the Frappuccinos are all ready.

By Jennifer yohanna

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