It sounds like it only happens in the movies but I want to tell you that it is possible because I’ve done it. Getting that guy you want in a week only means you need to work extra fast. Don’t be afraid to make the first move. You need to get yourself noticed by First, dressing to impress. Also don’t forget to shower and wear a nice perfume, brush your teeth, wear your absolute best because your style matters too. You can also switch up your style by wearing what the “chasee” likes. You can buy that top yeah! And that dress too. Ehen! wash your hair and change your wigs. Find that hairstyle that works for you, exercise if you wanna. It’s hard but it’s possible, if you love the challenge read on.

Day1. We love cute people but we love people we can talk to more so start a conversation. Comment on looks, their hair or even how they smile. Laugh at their funny jokes and talk about things they seem interested in and feel free to tell them about yourself. Start Looking into his eyes when he’s talking to you and twirl your hair since you want him to notice you.

Day2. Since you like him you should know where he hangs out you could go there and form accidental bumping or go with a friend that knows him and ask her to introduce you and start another conversation. This time touch their hair, hands or legs while laughing as this gives him a reassuring back-pat when your conversation gets emotional. If he’s very playful, you could tickle him. Remember you don’t fear being rejected so ask him for his number and give him yours, tell him how you enjoyed his company and wouldn’t mind another meeting.

Day3. Now that you have his number please don’t be in a haste to make contact. Yes you like him but you shouldn’t come out as desperate. You should flirt with him When you chat, say things like “your sleepy voice is the sexiest shit ever” or “why is someone as sweet as you single?”. You could also flirt by touching his chest and thighs, batting your lashes and twirling your hair

Day4. Next! Make suggestions for a date in case you haven’t had any ever since your first bump. You could say you and your friends planned to see a movie but they cancelled last minute and now you are lonely, he’ll suggest you guys do something instead if he’s into you already. If he’s not budging, get your friend to accidentally spill “that you like him”. Some guys like some girls but are afraid to tell because they don’t know if the feeling is mutual. Getting your friend to spill this will give him more assurance but also You can be 50shades of beautiful and a guy that doesn’t like you wouldn’t still like you at this point I command you to stop chasing!.

Day5. Finally! When you go on that date be it a walk in the park, Eat out, Cinema make sure you show him that you like him, encourage him with smiles and say thank you for paying the bills, get close to him. At the same time guys love to chase too so don’t throw yourself at him.

Day6. Chances are that he also likes you too or why else will he put in all these efforts? If he hasn’t tried to kiss you yet you have to give him better signals that he should. Lick your lips seductively once in a while, bring your face close to his and look at him longingly while engaging on a conversation. Sex shouldn’t be on your list right now as you’ll kill the thrill.

Day7. Be patient you can’t rush love but once you’ve gotten him to kiss you love should come easy. A kiss solidifies your relationship especially if there was chemistry in it but you shouldn’t try to rush him into a relationship just yet. Now that he likes you, he might want to make it casual before committing so don’t feel sad.

By Jennifer Yohana

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