Food Review: Nkataa Bukka really surprised me and I plan going back


I was to have a meeting with Rhoda of AdohrSpeaks and she suggested we meet at Nkataa Bukka. I’ve stumbled on Nkataa Bukka before then but I never gave it much thought. I got to the Ojimandu Plaza that houses Big H studios, Laguru Gym, Nkataa and several other businesses and the security guy directed me to the basement.

Walking down the basement you’ll meet a bold sign that screams WELCOME! in capital letters. Stepping into Nkataa Bukka I noticed it has a lounge mood and I was like ok, this is different. There were couches instead of chairs on either side of the tables. I sat down on one of the tables and a male waiter handed me the food and drink menu. I went through the menu and was pleasantly surprised at the array of dishes on their menu, but what surprised me the most was the prices. Nkataa Bukka meals are very affordable. Even table water goes for 100 naira.

I settled for Uha soup with eba and water. While waiting for my food and Rhoda to arrive I took time to look around this different kind of restaurant called Nkataa Bukka and I noticed the wall table to the right with stools and several charging points for you to charge your phones and laptops and I was like, you guys should kukuma just kill me. This place is perfect for bloggers. I couldn’t miss the zodiac signs on the wall.

25 minutes later my food arrived looking decent. I took the first swallow and noticed the soup had this weird sugar taste. I don’t know what they added to the soup to give it that sugar taste but I’m not a fan of sugar in food, especially local dish. Another thing I didn’t quite like about Nkataa Bukka was the fact that there was only one waiter serving everybody and you could see the young man strugling to keep up. The POS wasn’t working too so i had to pay with cash. Imagine if i didn’t have small cash on me.

That notwithstanding Nkataa Bukka is a place I plan visiting again and again and I highly recommend the place to everybody. Maybe next time I go there I’ll order egusi soup and it better not have sugar in it. Overall I give Nkataa Bukka 8 out of 10.

By @Mr.Mannyy

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