It was date night and date nights means dressing up but dressing up is not something I like doing. I’ve never heard of Demi’s Restaurant until last Sunday when bae decided to give me a lil treat for good behavior. Demi’s Restaurant sits on the second floor of Obum Plaza located at the popular Ademola Adetokunbo crescent wuse 2 Abuja.

We walked in and there was this small all white restaurant with different seating arrangements. My first impression of Demi’s was a good one and I think they made good use of space. The walls were Victorian and had minimal art and paintings.

The waiter brought the white and black menu and I quickly went to the drinks section and lo and behold there was lemonade. How excited I was and I quickly placed my order. As for food I went for peppered fillet steak served with potato and onion cream sauce while bae settled for efo riro and poundo yam. What a reverse of roles.

Within three minutes my lemonade juice arrived and I took a sip but you won’t believe it; total disappointment. I mean these people served me chivita orange juice with slices of lemon inside. Who does that? I’ve had lemonade at Café De Vie and Traffic. I also drink loads of Wilson Lemonade juice. I almost screamed. Words can’t express how let down I was.

Considering we were the only customers, it took about 40 minutes for our food to come and oh my God, the plating was excellent. The food looked very appetizing so I took the first bite off my steak and it hit me; SALT! I ate one potato and it was even more salt. The onion cream sauce was equally very salty. Even the efo riro wasn’t spared cos I tasted it too. By the time I was done with my food my tongue had a few salt blisters and my taste buds were totally messed up. This would have been a great meal if the chef hadn’t added excess salt to the food. I even jokingly asked bae if the meal was prepared by Salt Bae himself.

Despite all the knocks about salt and lemonade I’ll still give Demi’s Restaurant kudos for good customer services and pricing. I really like the idea of Demi’s and it’s a place I’ll love to go back to but the chef really needs to slow down on the salt. And this is how I score Demi’s Restaurant:

Atmosphere: 8

Service: 9 (they have very good staff)

Food: 3 (too salty)

Price: 8

On a final note, Demi’s Restaurant should better have the proper lemonade juice next time I go there.

Words by Mr Manny


  1. Okurrr says:

    Hilarious sorry bro

  2. Shamz says:

    Am experience lol

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