Best fashion trends in 2021

Best fashion trends in 2021

Blue Ink: Best fashion trends in 2021

Knowing the latest fashion trends is an exciting experience that shows you the recent changes in the industry. It gives you a better idea of the top styles to wear or not for the year. This then improves your overall eye for fashion and helps you come up with the best looks. Dive into the best fits for 2021 here at Blue Ink:

Must-wear clothing pieces of the year

Keep up with the latest fashion trends of the year by trying out the following clothing pieces:

Hoodies under blazers

Sizzle up your usual hoodie and jeans ensemble by covering it with a uniquely printed blazer. It’s an unconventional style that will catch the attention of many people but will show your eye for fashion. This look is perfect when going out for some errands or doing a little photoshoot with your friends when you hang out.

Wear this now and look like famous celebrities like Hailey Beiber and Angelina Jolie. Bear in mind that this outfit is perfect for not only females but also males. It’s usually worn by big figures like basketball player Lebron James and American singer Drake.

Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are cosy attires that are perfect for cold weather. It is usually loose by the hip area, making you feel comfortable whenever you’re wearing it. This matches well with a simple t-shirt and high-waisted pants to accentuate your figure. Complete this look with a pair of sneakers for a laid back yet stylish feel.

Cropped cardigans

Although you might be used to seeing cardigans that reach past your waist, modern fashion designers have added their own twist and made it into a cropped style. This shows off a little bit of your stomach area, making everyone’s eyes turn in your direction. It’s perfect with a pair of high-rise jeans so that you can show off your assets.

Classic trench coats

For something minimalistic yet voguish, try putting on a trench coat over your outfit. It’s a classic piece of clothing that never goes out of style which is perfect for casual gatherings. This also keeps you warm during the cold season. Use this as a cover over a turtleneck top and denim skinny jeans. For your shoes, a pair of black boots are perfect to complete the look.

Boiler suits

If you are looking for something easy to wear, boiler suits are the most fashionable choice for you. It’s a one-piece outfit that is displayed in different runways all over the world. They can also be bought at a cheaper price in various local stores.

This chill outfit comes in different neutral colours such as black, white and brown. It’s a cosy fit that is suitable for both formal and informal occasions. You can even wear a matching design with your boyfriend or girlfriend if you want.

Floral dresses

Whether it’s summer or spring, people love wearing floral dresses because of their vibrant design. It helps lighten up your entire appearance, making you look more pleasing in the eyes. This is a popular look among women because it highlights your feminine side while still looking stylish. Wear this whenever you want such as going on picnics or having dates with your significant other.

Puff sleeves

Puff sleeves have been popular since the 1980s but have managed to go back in trend in 2021. This has several variations such as the balloon, the Juliet and leg-of-mutton among others. It goes well with any kind of looks such as denim jeans or high-waisted slack pants. Additionally, it’s perfect for any kind of occasion which instantly gives off a voguish feel wherever you go.

Top looks for women in 2021

Dress up in the best outfits for 2021 found here at Blue Ink:

Maxi dress

Most women love wearing maxi dresses since this is comfortable and fashionable enough for any kind of gathering. It’s a go-to outfit for those who are going to the beach for an Instagram-worthy look. This is light and has a thin fabric but is more than enough to cover your entire body. Explore different designs of these dresses which come in both neutral and bold colours.

Mesh shirt and leather pants

For something different, go for a punk rock-themed look which is a mesh shirt and a pair of leather pants. It has an edgy feel that’ll make you stand out from the crowd. Put on some ankle-high boots to complement the entire fit. If you want, you can design your make-up in a gothic feel so that you’ll completely embody this dark theme.

Bright-coloured suits

Unlike before, more and more women are now wearing suits as their office attire. Rather than simply settling for neutral shades, go for bold colours that make your entire look pop when you walk through hallways and the streets. Some of the most popular examples include bubblegum pink, sky blue and yellow.

Pastel co-ord sets

Co-ord is a term that refers to two-piece outfits that have the same design, matching both the top and bottom for a cohesive look. On that note, co-ord sets are gaining popularity among many women since they are easy to style. The most famous shades are those in pastel tones since it highlights a woman’s feminine charm but still looks stylish enough for any event.

Crop top and wide-leg pants

A crop top and wide-leg pants are a perfect combination for chill hangouts. This gives off a calming vibe and you don’t have to take a long time fixing up your outfit with this kind of look. It’s suitable for weekend hangouts in the mall with your friends or a movie date with your significant other. Match with either a pair of sneakers or short heels, whichever makes you most comfortable.

Monochromatic looks for men

For a classic yet sleek look, it’s best to go with monochromatic styles. Know the best options for men in 2021 by going through the list below:


Contrary to popular belief, light and bright colours like yellow are a suitable shade for men. It shows off your charming aura and makes anyone blinded by your presence. Try wearing a yellow coloured shirt jacket and match it with a pair of light yellow tone pants. This is a bold fashion statement that will catch the attention of onlookers but will make them be in awe at your eye for style.

For your shoes, an ideal choice would be a pair of white sneakers so that it blends well with the yellow hue. You can also put on a cashmere beanie of a similar yellow tone to complement the entire look.


If you prefer something simple and sleek, go for a matching grey double-breasted blazer and a pair of trousers. It’s a minimalistic look that exudes a calming aura, making you look fashionable and pleasing to the eyes.


Black is one of the best colours for a monochromatic look since it emits your strong charm and alpha male presence. Try wearing a black bomber jacket over your black shirt along with a pair of black skinny jeans for a bad boy look. It’s your main character moment that is apt when you want to impress somebody, particularly a person you like. Complete the entire look with a pair of black sneakers.


Wearing blue is a go-to choice for most men which ranges from a lighter shade to a darker tone, whichever suits your preferences. Put on a baby blue coloured hoodie and a pair of low-waisted denim jeans for a chill look. It’s a comfortable fit that you can wear either in school or when going out with your friends. As for your shoes, you can opt for blue sneakers of a darker shade to make them pop out.


If you prefer a clean look, go for a matching white top and white pants. You can choose a simple crew neck t-shirt and plain skinny jeans for a laidback feel. For something more formal, wear a white blazer over your shirt and put on a light-coloured belt. As for your footwear, your two options are a pair of white sneakers or a pair of shoes of a darker colour. Either of the two choices matches well with the entire fit so go with the one that makes you feel most comfortable when walking around.


Show off your masculine charm by wearing a brown-inspired look. A classic example is a brown knitted long-sleeved top and a pair of brown pants. You can cover this with a brown trench coat to keep yourself warm.

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