5 wardrobe essentials for men

5 wardrobe essentials for men

Blue Ink: 5 wardrobe essentials for men

Although fashion is mainly associated with women, it is now an important part of every man’s life. They are now starting to look into different styles of clothing to make them look better and more attractive to everyone’s eyes. Learning the latest fashion trends helps you dress perfectly for any occasion while standing above the rest.

But before you try any avant-garde outfits, you need to first get the basics down. Start with gathering the different wardrobe essentials that every man needs. Explore all of them here at Blue Ink:

  1. Long-sleeve white shirt

You can never go wrong with a long-sleeve white shirt because it’s suitable for formal occasions like going on a date or going to work. It’s a classic choice for those who want to keep things simple but still looking stylish. This goes well by itself or matched with any kind of blazer. Moreover, this can be paired with either slacks or chinos, whichever you think suits the situation best.

  1. Crew neck t-shirt

For casual hangouts, you should have a crew neck t-shirt in your wardrobe. It’s a versatile top that can be matched with any kind of pants such as dark wash jeans or sweatpants. This has a chill vibe and is easy to pull off, regardless of where you’re going. Additionally, this takes the least amount of effort to style since it matches well with any kind of clothes. On another hand, try covering it with a leather or bomber jacket for something different from the norm.

  1. Hoodie

Keeping a hoodie is important because it’s suitable for chill gatherings. You can slip it on whenever you want in a matter of a few seconds. Although this is usually for the cold weather, you can still wear this when you go outside such as running some errands or visiting the gym. It’s a comfortable fit that matches well with a pair of sweatpants for a cosy feel.

  1. Denim jeans

Denim jeans are perfect for both informal and formal occasions, depending on how you style them. Choose the pair of jeans that fits well with your body but is still comfortable to wear. Explore different variations of it from various brands all over the world. On that note, Levi’s are one of the most popular brands of jeans which is a go-to choice for most men.

  1. Leather belt

Apart from clothing pieces, you also need a few accessories in your wardrobe like a leather belt. It’s an important touch to your entire look, making your pants fit better by your waist area. They also make you look more regal when you are wearing a three-piece suit with a perfect calfskin leather dress belt.

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