What will you do with a $50,000 voucher?!. Somebody like me will spend it changing my closet. If only Your boyfriend was a superstar like Kanye you’ll be his Kim Kardashian and he’ll fling all your bend down select for some beautiful designer wears like the DZYN collection.

Don’t get it twisted, We all love good things so nobody should judge us for our constant love for vanities! I believe in “if you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it”. Nothing haunts us more than the things we wish we had bought and that’s why the DZYN BABE’s collection is totally delish , irresistible and most haves.

This recent collection is super energetic because of the beautiful shades of subtle colors employed. We particularly love the highly structured pieces that comes in shades of blue, black, red, coral blue, nude shades and beautiful breathtaking flower prints with excellent highs and lows.

The brands first ambassador Naima, a Zahara model paired this Grey asymmetrical ankle length skirt with a black Tank top and rounded it up with a pair of strap heels, minimal makeup and a beautiful pose.

This blue dresses were infact made for every occasion; call it multipurpose dresses or anything goes. For some of you that love to recycle you can In fact wear it to your own wedding reception and still slay.

The African print designs was beautifully paired making the ensemble a master piece because you could hardly tell three different fabrics were merged to get such beautiful outcome. You could actually wear this to work or rock with a sandal and make it a casual outfit. Don’t forget you could also wear it to church.

The ready to wear collection is luminously chic with real arithmetic finishing. Every detail and each stroke of thread was well calculated.

DZYN launched the collection at their flagship store in Wuse, Abuja with the beautiful Zahara model Naima. This shoot was by Abuja’s finest photographer Ejike Manny. The DZYN BABE’s collection is sexy while revealing less and that is what true sophistication is and every fashion loving Woman can become a slayer in the pieces.

DZYN ready to wear collection



Words by Jennifer Yohanah

Photography by Ejike Manny

Location at Brookmatrix Studio

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