Host of ‘The Ellen Show’, Ellen DeGeneres, who turned 60 on the 26th of January, did put a smile on the faces of audience members of her show with her partnership with American brand of cereal Cheerios for the ‘Million Acts of Good’ campaign.

She reportedly gave her audience members a million dollars to split among themselves, on the last episode of her show.

Making the announcement, Ellen DeGeneres, said;

 ‘I want to take a moment, first of all, to say everybody in the audience is here for a special reason.All season long, I partnered with Cheerios to encourage people to do one million acts of good and if you’re here in my audience, you helped us reach that goal.’

‘Cheerios is sponsoring my two-day birthday extravaganza because they know there’s no better way for me to celebrate my birthday than to share it with people like you. Thank you so much. You’re all good, wonderful people.’

‘Thanks to every single person in this audience, it is filled with goodness and we have reached one million acts of good because of all of you. So, I wanna do something that we’ve never done before. This is big, okay? Look at this over here. Alright, so, that’s me on the front of this Cheerios box right there and here’s the big part – if you have a box of Cheerios under your seat, I’m going to give you a special surprise gift.’

Getting to know that they will be sharing $1million dollar, the audience went wild with excitement and the photos below captured it all;

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