If you’er Nigerian and by now you don’t know who Bobrisky is, then you must be living under the rock. Even Buhari I can bet you knows who Bobrisky is. Bobrisky is currently doing more for the economy than the ministry of agriculture. But just in case you don’t know him, I will tell you. Bobrisky with real names Idris Okuneye is the newest person in Nigeria to have a major breakthrough. He seem to be the only person in Nigerian currently operating in a different economy because recession isn’t for him. Why you may ask. It’s simple; he has a bea. Yeah we know, every other person may have a bae here and there but definitely not Bobrsiky’s kind of bae. Bae get level and bae pass bae.

Bobrisky can easily be called the Nigerian Kim Kardeshian because this young man has suddenly found fame and fortune while possessing zero talent. He did it by simply selling bleaching cream, dressing like a female, wearing heavy makeup and telling us about his wonderful bae. I mean what’s that. Anyway every media house is currently feeding fat on the story of this weirdo and we can’t be left out. But honestly this is not the reason for this article. Denrele is the reason for this article. When Bobrisky came on the scene, people naturally started comparing him to Denrele owing to their choice of dressing, which is very similar. Denrele wasn’t very happy with the comparison and so he called Bobrisky a fake.

“I have been with this brand identity for a very long time and if someone is stealing my style, it means the person is not original. If you are doing it your own way, then you are original. We are two different people and from the pictures I have seen, I noticed he uses a lot of heavy make-up, I use only powder and that is because I am on the television. Also, he is a lot lighter than I am. We have met once and we do not have any beef. When we met, the first thing I asked him about his lashes because he wore very nice eye lashes and I love eye lashes. I told him his lashes were nice and he even told me where he did it and how much it cost. I have heard a lot of things that he said about me which are not so nice. Maybe it is to get my attention,”

Well, that was Denrele talking and he tried to make us believe that he doesn’t see Bobrisky as competition but this same Denrele did something curious recently. September 1st was Bobrisky’s birthday and he made sure to inform us all of his plans to go burn some of bae’s money at Escape Nightclub, VI, Lagos. It was a well publicized birthday bash and while we were all counting down to the hour, Denrele released some images of himself in a see through dress and suddenly the attention was shifted to him; the original drag queen. But am so certain the kind of attention he got wasn’t what he was expecting. People started accusing him of trying to steal the shine off Bobrisky by releasing those images on that day. They said maybe he was scared and now sees Bobrisky as a threat.

Now the question is, could it be that Denrele is now worried that this new weirdo on the block might take his spot, a spot he has occupied for so long. If I were Denerele I’d be worried too because this Bobrisky guy seem to have more game and the people can’t get enough of him. Not even the recently released 2011 images of Bobrisky when he was arrested for cross dressing to deceive men has waned his shine. Let’s just say it’s his time and he’s poised to milk every moment of it. For now we’ll just wait and see how this plays out.

By E . Emmanuel


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