Hungry (as usual) and tired, been craving for okro soup all week. I have been to Cubana grill before for Shawarma so I thought to go have a normal cooked meal there. From the entrance the security and bouncers were well dressed and welcoming with the well decorated tiles from the gate in black and white that leads you all the way to the back. Behind is a different arena with open air seat out and also a gazebo with double gang socket on each pillar I.e opportunity for one to charge phones and other stuffs that require power…. Wait I’m here to talk about food right??? I’m beginning to talk plenty.

Anyways so we walked our way to to the gazebo and took the first table and l immediately plugged my phone. A Well dressed fellow in black and white like the floor tiles (no shade intended) came over. He was polite and nice (everybody is nice) the usual salutation and what would you like to have and menu brought out blah blah . Finally settled for wheat and okro and found it hard to pick on what animal should be in the soup So I asked him to decide for me.

20 mints later my bowl of clean water and a tray of a cylindrical mold of wheat and hot okro soup was placed right before me. Hold on, while waiting for my food I took a minute to look around and noticed the mixed crowd and also the fish spot a.k.a point and kill and Shawarma stand as well. Need I mention the Shawarma is amazing and doesn’t leave ur hand messy compared to some place on the same street as Cubana grill. So my food comes and I began to eat while the DJ played really cool songs but kinda too loud for that kind of setting.

The food was absolutely delicious with well seasoned assorted meat and moderately spicy soup. Every bite passed through with pleasure. As hungry as I was I couldn’t finish the food or even the meat but my 2,500 paid off well.

Cubana grill has a variety of both local and continental dishes and its located on Adetokunbo Ademola wuse2 Abuja. It’s a place one should often stop by as the menu isn’t just for the upper class but it’s open to all (pocket wise).

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….words by Aliyu Gidado….

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