For some people Thursday is the new Friday, as this was the case when my friend called me on that windy and cloudy Thursday evening. It was clear that a heavy down pour was imminent.

“I don’t know about you but today is my Friday so are you free for dinner? “

Well…. not just dinner as this good close buddy of mine likes gist or should I say amebo. I think amebo is the right word here. He will kill me when he reads this post. My dear friend Mr F no vex O!

Rendezvous was 7:00pm at 23 Colorado close Maitama. On our way to this place the heavens opened with heavy rain so we drove slowly till we got to our destination. We managed to park at the small space inside the compound and the staffs were kind enough to cover us under their umbrella (in Rihannah’s voice).

As we made our way to the door the name Country Place was boldly displayed on the wall; quite unique. What a way of making the white wall busy. As the door opened the guy at the front desk welcomed us with a “HI”. I felt that wasn’t the appropriate salutation. Anyways I responded and we were ushered to our seats. We chose an inner room which seemed private.

Menu was brought and we settled for beef samosa as starters with Schweppes for me with ice as usual and my friends settled for long island. For the main dish I chose chicken Kiev with steamed shrimp rice and mushroom soup while my company both chose Singapore noodles. Without much delay samsosa and drinks were served as we chatted away catching up with one another. I mean it’s been a long busy week for us but we were doing so on top of our voices as the music was loud. We spoke to the staff about the loud music.

Oh did I also mention that Country Place Restaurant played the host to all the house mates from Big Brother Nigeria? ……moving on the samosa was golden brown, crispy and filled with minced meat with sweet chilli source that awakened our taste buds. Quite a yummy starter. Moments later came our food and the sight of mine made me smile and I was hoping and wishing my chicken Kiev came out well.

My friends weren’t quite pleased. One would expect Singapore noodles should come out looking like noodles not Dangote/Golden penny spaghetti but at this point all I was interested was how my food tasted. hmmm such a beautiful and professional display of culinary skills.

Let me be nice and explain what chicken Kiev is . It’s a well marinated boneless chicken with butter, garlic bread and coriander served with mushroom soup. So we began eating and there was pin drop silence. For the first minute we were all trying to get the feeling of our food. I must say mine came beyond my expectation. The chef is good and deserves to be applauded. Every spoon of rice came with shrimps. As for the chicken I lack words. All I can say is bravo. Even though my friends didn’t get what they wanted but they enjoyed their meal.

It was time for desert but we couldn’t as we had outdone ourselves so I settled for coffee while the rest continued with their long island. Country Place Restaurants gives you good quality, quantity and good services for your money. One word to describe them is ‘GENEROSITY’.

I’ve had tea and coffee countless times in different places within and outside the country and no one gives me more than 4 cubes of sugar but over here, I was served with 15 cubes and also the milk was much too. Just two things took exception at. Educate your staff on good salutation, and also always give customers what they want not what you feel like giving, besides the food isn’t free.

Based on logistics Country Place is rising at an 8 for her good services, good food quality and quantity and beautiful setting.

Words by Aliyu Gidada

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