Visiting the popular Red Sparrow Event Centre Abuja, I was first welcomed by the shades of purple and lilac cleverly combined to beautify the interior of Chisorom and Dr Steve’s wedding. Another eye catcher was the beautiful four-step cake beautified with flowers that look like peonies or open tulips. I tell you any cake lover would have wanted to stick his face in that body of flour.

When the time came for the couple to dance in, as you would trust, our “snapchat generation” quickly sprung into action seriously searching the right angle to go in for the “killer” snapshots and videos. I was soon distracted by how Dr Steve and his arguable giant body structure was able to pull some of the moves he was pulling. Chisorom kept it quite calm and calculated, but the Dr wasn’t having any of that, as if to say “I’ve calculated my way through med school and office work – I have to let it all out “

Of course, Kola nuts were broken and amicably distributed as anyone from the eastern part of Nigeria would expect. I mean! What’s an Ibo wedding without a kola-nut feast (even the white weddings). The rest of the wedding progressed quickly and in an orderly fashion with various kinds of continental and international dishes moving around in the caterers’ trolleys.

The next note-worthy event was the bouquet catching… wow! This lady in her beautiful black English dress had removed her shoes and taken a leap of life to ensure that the bouquet ended up with her…talk about a go-getter!! If not for anything else, I felt like a brother had to “put a ring on it” for such a display of raw-volleyball talent. Watching her go was quite entertaining I hope we get invited to experience her own wedding in due time… *drinks tea* . But that was actually a prank on the part of the bride because hardly had the excitement settled when the bride brought out the real bouquet. The real bouquet was eventually caught by the maid of honour to the chagrin of the rest.

Another note worthy experience was the 10 year old nephew of the bride that serenaded everybody with his sax performance. No event is ever perfect but Chisorom and Stephen’s was near perfect. As a matter of fact we cant think of anything that was wrong or out of place. Kudos to all the vendors.

In conclusion, crashing Chisorom and Steve’s wedding was totally worth it, both for blue Ink Media and for Steve, seeing as he couldn’t keep his love grips off his beautiful bride. This is yet another example that being someone’s first love may be great, but being his or her last will always be beyond perfect. We’re beyond excited for Chisorom and Steve and we wish them all the happiness in the world as they begin forever together as we look forward to the next event to crash.


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